Wholesale Mermaid Evening Cute Long Dresses GSGL1585


Wholesale Amazing prom long dress has illusion neckline with illusion mantle and tracery with jewels, it also has mermaid shape with illusion material and zipper back. Decorations on the dress will perfectly emphasizes the elegance of the style and the mood of the current and upcoming season. Elegance of silver color will give you confidence and will not leave without attention of the others.

  • Cute Long Dresses
  • Prom gown
  • Illusion neckline
  • Jewels Tracery
  • Mermaid shape
  • Semi sheer back
  • Floral tracery
  • Short Sleeves
  • Zipper back closure

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  • U.S. Continental Free Shipping
  • Fast shipping within 1 business day
  • Online chat support
  • Special Discounts

Do not miss the opportunity to purchase a dress and prepare for the season.

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