Ball Gowns Trends & History

Ball Gowns Trends & History 1

Two weeks ago we talked about evening dress code. In most cases a cocktail dress or LBD would do just fine, but more elaborate occasions, e.g. White Tie, call for something fancier. It’s ball gown’s turn.

Ball Gowns Trends & History 2

Ball gowns are meant for balls or formal dances. They are on top of the evening dress hierarchy – extravagant, dazzling and very feminine. They are made of luxurious fabric – like satin, silk and taffeta – and trimmed with embroidery, lace, pearls, sequins, ribbons, rosettes, etc. Modern designs can sometimes use artificial materials. The décolletage is usually low; skirt is floor length. They are worn with expensive jewelry, opera length gloves, dancing shoes, and clutch style evening bags. Coats are replaced by stoles, capes or cloaks. If the event dress code requires “state decorations,” they are worn on a bow pinned to the chest. Additionally, married women can wear a tiara.

Ball Gowns Trends & History 3

The balls – entertainment of the elite – date back to the Middle Ages. In the nineteenth century, the balls would bring together people of the upper and middle class. They were often used to introduce young men and women – a beautiful start leading to marriage. These evening events became a standard and moved into the next century. The shape of the ball gown changed very little, although the skirt did transform. Layers of petticoats, crinoline, then the bustle, to be later replaced by a more simple bell-form skirt. Undergarments were used to properly shape the silhouette.

Ball Gowns Trends & History 4

Like a century ago, today ball gowns are about beauty, elegance and romance. They are also about competition. The best ball gown means greater attention. It’s a powerful tool that helps advance one’s agenda.

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