How to Succeed in Online Drop Shipping Business: 6 Best Tips

How to Succeed in Online Drop Shipping Business: 6 Best Tips

The emergence of e-commerce in recent years has provided young entrepreneurs with many new ways to invest their funds and knowledge for gaining significant profits. One of these ways, which has gained rapid popularity among millennials and Gen Zers, is called drop shipping. Simply put, drop shipping is a business model that allows you to buy from manufacturers and have them deliver the order to your client. This allows drop shipping companies to cut expenses and invest their efforts (and funds) into developing other areas of business. So, how can one build a profitable drop shipping business?

  1. Choose a proper market segment

Start with selecting a product that your customers really need. Things that are easily found near hand are unlikely to attract the attention of your clients. Make sure to keep shipping costs as low as possible since this allows you to offer complimentary shipping and attract more customers. Branding your products is worth spending some efforts as well. 

  1. Know your competitors

Competition among the drop shipping companies is incredibly stiff, as they compete not only with each other but also with wholesale giants like Walmart and Amazon. However, concentrating on a low-competition product may not be worth it since such products have very low demand. You need to find a balance between the competition on a given market and profits you can gain from selling a certain product.

  1. Find a reliable supplier

Selecting a decent manufacturer is an essential step in building a drop shipping business, as the supplier would be the one responsible for the quality of your goods and services. Make sure to find a reliable manufacturer and set up healthy business relationships with them. Communication is crucial in this case, so check that you perfectly understand each other.

  1. Enhance your online presence

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to hire a team of developers to create a custom website. In fact, most young drop shipping businesses can successfully operate using a Facebook page or a Shopify account. More complex solutions are suitable for larger companies with stable revenue flows.

  1. Find a way to attract more customers

While there are many ways to launch an ad campaign, Facebook is probably the best way to reach out to your target audience. Facebook ad campaigns are very effective, as they allow you to compete with larger brands through placing ads right in front of potential buyers. Email marketing may be useful to promote your brand as well.

  1. Use data to grow your business

Tools for tracking customer conversion, such as Google Analytics, are extremely helpful when it comes to gaining insights into your clients’ activity. Knowing which actions lead to successful sales and which result in failures allows you to eliminate unnecessary things from your website and concentrate on useful ones.

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How To Look Stunning In Winter With Latest Plus Size Fashion Trends?

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There are plenty of successful plus size fashion women breaking the stereotype that only a perfect body size is considered as beautiful.

Best Ways To Match Your Perfume With Clothing Style

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City breaks are a fantastic way to explore the world and see famous landmarks, breathtaking views or even popular restaurants and bars. 

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Wholesale Casual Dresses for Your Business   

When pondering a question of ordering wholesale dresses for your clothing shop, you need to take into account several factors that can influence your business. Whether the influence is good or bad depends on your business decisions – cheap wholesale dresses in your stock list can boost your sales, but they can also turn into everlasting stock balance yielding nothing, but losses. Here are some things to consider prior to ordering. 

Know Your Target Audience

Who are your customers? Do you sell clothes for younger or older females, for career women or housewives? Obviously, you will need more trendy dresses for young girls and more plus sizes, if you are focused on ladies with ample curves. You may offer cheap casual dresses for a broad audience or find your niche, selling more formal attire to business ladies or small-size dresses for petite women. They all need casual dresses, but they all need different dresses, so your search for styles and lines will proceed from this point.

Keep Within Your Space

It’s a very tempting idea to have more styles, attracting customers with a wide choice of dresses. However, you should think not only about your investment, but also about you shop space. It is no good to staff your space with dresses, while your customers won’t be able to get a good view of the assortment – in-store display is important, remember? Too many dresses make a choice difficult and the embarrassment of riches often prevents customers from making a purchase. If you have a small shop start from 5 dress styles, each presented in different colors and sizes, and then go to 10-12 styles, the dresses sell well.

Find Your Perfect Supplier

You can choose certain brands, if there are specific lines you’d like to carry, or you can shop for casual dresses from a multibrand wholesaler. Whichever you choose, give preference to a supplier buying directly from a manufacturer – this will provide your shop with cheap casual dresses. However, search for the best value for money depending on your shop’s specialization, since when your business is focused on upscale market, the quality is vital. Also, pay attention to:

  • suppliers’ reliability (you can search for reviews)
  • order processing and delivery speed
  • warehouses location
  • return policy
  • payment options
  • availability of customer support service
  • how often the assortment is replenished
  • range of sizes
  • extensiveness of product lines

Make sure to follow the recommendations, and good luck with developing your business! And remember - will help you in any way!

August 24, 2018 by SMC Fashion

Will Casual Dresses Boost Your Sales?

According to research on a global apparel industry, the United States market is expected to grow up to $385 billion in 2025 even despite the current world depression. This is great news, especially for those retailers, who are engaged in the sales of womenswear, since the sector accounts for 50 percent of the demand. However, there is a decline in off-line sales driven by both the economic meltdown and the increased competition with online stores. Is focusing on wholesale casual dresses a way out for a brick-and-mortar clothing shops?

First, according to a study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group on over 1,600 publicly traded companies, top companies among those engaged in fashion and luxury performed well due to its moving towards more casual wear as opposed to high-end fashion. Though there is still stiff competition between sportswear and casual clothes markets, millennials obviously prefer comfort over fashion, and the report predicts that the shift to casual wear is going to continue over the next several years. The new generation is not inclined to spend money on expensive clothes, giving preference to things like wellness or travelling. From this perspective, cheap casual dresses seem to be more attractive for doing business compared to formal, luxury and niche clothing.

In addition to the fact that nowadays people have no need to express themselves through buying pricey clothes, they are also not required to stick to a dress code anymore. Black-tie times are long gone, and according to the Society for Human Resource Management, in 2017 almost half of US employers allow casual dress every day, with their number growing from year to year. With such a trend, we can expect that more and more customers will need informal attire for both office and off hours.  

But why dresses? Well, do you know what are the most popular products among Fashion Apparel and Fabrics according to inquiries on Global Sources Online? Shift dresses, evening dresses, sheath dresses and cocktail dresses are in the top twenty products, while only jeans excel dresses in popularity based on keyword searches. Now, do you understand? Dresses will never go out of style, and with the growing demand for informal office clothing ordering casual wholesale dresses is sure to boost your sales!

August 24, 2018 by SMC Fashion

2018 Summer Dress Trends

While summer is drawing on, clothing shops are providing themselves with wholesale summer dresses to cater to the needs of their customers. However, the real trend-setters are fashion designers, so let’s have a look at catwalks to find out which dress styles will be in demand with the customers.

Patchwork Style

It seems like fashion designers have started a kind of game competing in the most sophisticated combinations of prints and patterns. They blend in various pattern and color panels to deliver a patchwork style and a vibrant look – sometimes their dresses are built from four and more blocks of contrasting or completing textiles. Wow!

Floral Motif

There is nothing like cheap casual dresses blooming in flowers to be fit for this summer. We adore floral motifs for this feminine touch they add to our everyday look. However, the pattern can be often found in cocktail dress designs painting them in glaring and striking colors. While tropical patterns fall completely out of favor, floral prints are on rise, both bright and pastel, large and micro.   

Checked Pattern

Though usually associated with autumn and winter dresses, check captivated catwalks, while being offered in various designs from black and white versions to multicolored options. Indeed, this plaided style looks rather intriguing when embodied in light and even transparent materials – the contrast strikes the eye and is perfect for a casual summer dress.  

Baby Doll Style

It is one of the favorite styles among young girls, who want to get this world-famous Lolita-like look. Probably, fashion designers like the look too, since baby doll dresses are all the rage this summer. Choose wholesale dresses featuring well-above knee length and made of lace or satin to deliver the desired romantic, yet tempting touch.

Polka Dot Pattern

Do you really think that this pattern is out of fashion and completely forgotten? Nope, this is a must for the current season, and the recent royal wedding with the stars wearing polka dots dresses serves as clear evidence. Hot wholesale summer dress can have black, white or multicolored dots, while they can be small or large – the key is to have a dotted dress in your stock.

Loose Sleeves

The freedom of movement and lightness are among main trends of the 2018 summer season reflected in silhouettes, fabrics and details of clothing. So, it is kind of expected that loose sleeve become one of the trendy options. Both multi-layered and flare style sleeves work fine for fancy summer dresses. 

August 24, 2018 by SMC Fashion