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Homecoming is a high school event that teens look forward to each year. The festivities are created around the football team playing a game at home, and leading up to the game there will be parades, activities and after the game, there is generally a dance that the kids attend wearing formal attire. Homecoming dresses are worn to the dance, and they are worn by the queen, and the duchesses of the school. Each class or grade in the school selects one girl to represent them at the football game. These girls are the duchesses and then one girl is selected to represent the entire student body, and she is the queen. The ladies walk out onto the field at half-time and are introduced to the crowd of fans watching the game. This is an important event for the girls, their families, and their community.

Long Homecoming Dresses - Most schools will allow the girls to wear their gowns either short or long, but during the parade long homecoming dresses are often preferred by the school, and by the girls. The longer lengths make it easier to sit in the cars, trucks, or on floats. The longer styles come all the way to the ankle, or in some cases all the way to the floor. Girls should wear the shoes that they will be wearing the night of the event when they try on the long style dresses. This will allow them to know that their gown will be the right length.

Short Homecoming Dresses - Short homecoming dresses may be above the knee in length or below the knee in length. They are very popular with the young girls, especially with the girls who wear junior sizes. The dresses may be above the knee or they may come below the knee. The gowns are considered to be short if they come anywhere above the ankle of the person wearing them.

Plus Size Homecoming Dresses - There are some girls in high school that require plus size homecoming dresses. Not all stores carry the larger dresses and they miss out on a lot of sales because they do not stock them. A large number of girls wear dress sizes that are a size 14 or bigger. The girls who are larger in size need gowns that will look good on them and any store that sells formal wear for girls should have the larger sizes to accommodate their customers that need them