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After the radiance of the bride herself, her bridesmaids are the second most captivating centre of attention at any wedding. Naturally, all bridesmaids want to look their most alluring self, and our collection of stunning Wholesale bridesmaid dresses allows them to flaunt gorgeous cuts and silhouettes without breaking their banks. Do you want to flaunt a ramp-ready and glamorous dress at your friend’s wedding? Look no further than our fabulous affordable bridesmaid dresses!

Have you ever wondered how the trend of having bridesmaids and picking out elaborate bridesmaid dresses actually began? Historical chronicles reveal that this trend can be traced back all the way to Ancient Rome, where the bridesmaids used to dress up just like the bride. This was done to confuse vengeful entities and evil spirits who might be present at the wedding or harm the newlywed bride.

It wasn’t until the Victorian era that the trend of having bridesmaids became a generally accepted norm. Bridesmaid picked out elaborately designed and elegant dresses to organize the flower decorations, distribute party favours and walk the bride down the aisle. The bridesmaids in the Victorian period would walk down the aisle wearing lovely pastel-hued chiffon gowns and carrying garlic, herbs and grains to ward off malevolent spirits.

Today, the status of bridesmaids has elevated to that of hostesses and helpers that not only help the bride organise the wedding, but also amplify the glamour of her entourage with their beauty. Naturally, every bridesmaid wants to channel her inner goddess with a unique and gorgeous statement, and our cheap plus size bridesmaid dresses offer a stunning collection of silhouettes.

Every woman has her own style, and not all women seek to invest all their dough in one dress. Hence, our collection of cheap bridesmaid dresses is here to make glamour much more affordable and budget-friendly. You no longer have to worry about dumping a huge chunk of money that is only going to adorn your body once, or twice at best.

Shop from your collection of alluring inexpensive bridesmaid dresses clothing and rejoice the variety of designs, silhouettes, trends, cuts, and colour palettes that we have to offer. We pride ourselves for maintaining strict quality control when it comes to fabric, material and tailoring. Our affordable bridesmaid gowns collection is a promise of glamour and fine quality silhouettes at highly affordable rates. You get to strike a glamorous fashion bargain!