Evening Dress Code

Evening Dress Code 1

Some women are frequent party goers, others are not. The former do know what to wear, well, at least theoretically, the latter may have questions. Especially when they receive an invitation that contains some strange instructions concerning the dress code. Yes, they can look it up on the Internet, but that does not necessarily boost their confidence. In an effort to help a little, today we’ll have a look at evening dress code.

Evening Dress Code 2

White Tie. For women, this means formal outfit – a floor length evening gown. You can also wear long gloves.

Evening Dress Code 3

Black Tie. The floor length evening gown mentioned above will work fine. So will a fancy cocktail dress or your best little black dress.

What if that Black Tie is also Creative? No worries! It’s a fusion of formal and trendy. Simply add some fun accessories, and you’re good to go.

Black Tie Optional is similar to Black Tie, but a bit less formal. This means that you can also wear your favorite dressy separates.

Evening Dress Code 4

If the dress code is Semiformal, you get a lot more options to choose from: short afternoon dress, long skirt with a top, dressy separates, cocktail dress or LBD.

Evening Dress Code 5

Festive Attire is for the holidays. Cocktail dress, long skirt plus top, a nice pants outfit or separates. Yes, little black dress works too. All you need is something that features the holiday colors to go with it.

Evening Dress Code 6

There’s no need to go into details about Casual and Dressy Casual. Just keep in mind what type of event you’re planning to attend, and you won’t any problems choosing the right outfit.

Still confused? Well, perhaps, some of your friends are also attending the event. “What are you going to wear?” is a simple but effective way of doing some recon. It doesn’t hurt to ask, does it?

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