Fashion Industry in the Age of Globalization 1

Fashion, as a social institution, performs a number of functions, one of which is cultural and economic globalization.

The most important aspect of fashion globalization process is its focus on "international integration", which involves formation of a unified fashion space based on mass culture.

Trend-books of the leading trend agencies determine strategies for further development of fashion industry, unify information about new world trends, and thereby create conditions for emergence of similar colors and styles in collections of various Fashion houses. These trends lead to globalization of manufacturing relations and formation of common fashion world market standards.

Nowadays, online marketplace in fashion industry plays a role of a broadcaster for mass consumer. Day by day, the Internet becomes fashion source number one for millions of women all around the world. The World Wide Web has provided consumers direct access to fashion products worldwide. With the help of websites like, people are only few clicks away from getting the dress of their dreams.

Globalization is accompanied by the process of total Westernization and unification of consumer’s appearance on a global scale on the basis of Euro-American aesthetic standard. The same luxury and mass fashion brands are presented almost in every country.

Moreover, fashion industry today is involved in the global specialization of labor, when production and distribution of goods is concentrated mostly in developing countries, while developed countries mainly focus on marketing and consumption. 

Thus, making impact on the structure of global economy, fashion industry controls production and consumption of goods worldwide. As a result, fashion globalization processes lead to gradual blurring of ethnic distinction, reducing national fashion status, both within individual ethnic groups and all over the globe. Whether this impact is good or bad, only time will tell…

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