How-To: Boosting Sales in a Clothing Store

Running an apparel store seems like quite a promising business. People need to buy clothes, and they do it all the time, no matter what season it is. Yes, online shopping keeps gaining popularity and making competition tougher. Yet many people still prefer the old-school way. They like to try on clothes to see how they fit and look. But to they need your store? Probably not. So it is your job to create demand and make people feel this is the best place to get good quality items at reasonable prices. Our team at has some tips for you that can help increase sales.

  1. Critically review the store design and ergonomics. Use labels and signs to aid with navigating through the store. Everything should be easy-to-find, so organize those sections well. For example, do not put men’s shirts right next to items for kids.
  2. “Employ” some mannequins. Dress them in the clothes you want your customers to focus on. If, say, you want to push outerwear from the new collection, a properly placed well-dressed mannequin will draw people’s attention.
  3. Organize a sale. They not only attract people but also encourage them to buy. You can go beyond the common 10 percent off and offer a deal that’s even more tempting.
  4. Provide high quality customer service. Design and implement customer-centered policies that create a friendly environment and make people want to return to your store.
  5. Let people know about your shop. Launch a marketing campaign. Use various advertising means such as fliers, banners and business cards. Improve your online presence, go social.
  6. Make sure the prices are affordable. Study your competitors then assess and adjust your prices. Consider alternative suppliers and explore ways to optimize supply chains.

We hope these tips are useful. Best of luck with your business!

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