Starting an online store is easier than ever. There are so many platforms and apps to help you get started. Here's what you need to know if you want to set up an online store of your own:

Lets you sell online

Shopify is a great place to start if you have some products that you want to sell online, but aren't quite sure where or how to do it. It allows you to create a store, and then sell through multiple other platforms as well. You can set prices in different currencies, or languages if needed!

Is scalable - it should be able to grow with your business

Scaling is important because it means your store has the ability to grow with your business. If you start out small and have a few items for sale, but then you suddenly become very popular and need more stock, e-commerce software that's easy to scale will allow you to expand seamlessly.

Scalability also means that if an item sells well in one country but not another, or if there's a new category of products that customers are asking for (for example: a certain type of hat), then the platform should allow the addition of additional features without too much difficulty.

Is integrated with other apps

  • Integration with other apps is an important part of a good e-commerce store. One example of an app you could integrate with your shop is MailChimp. By doing so, you'll be able to send out newsletters and announcements to your customers. This can help increase sales by encouraging repeat purchases and word-of-mouth marketing.

The integration doesn't have to be complex; it just has to work for what you need it for!

Has a mobile-friendly interface

You don't want to cut out mobile users, so make sure you have a mobile-friendly website. Depending on the CMS or theme you are using, this may or may not be an option for you. Regardless of whether or not it's an option for your website, however, the best practice is to make sure your site is responsive - meaning it will automatically adjust itself based on the device used. You can do this by adding some code into the section of your HTML template:​

This command will tell browsers on smartphones and tablets (and other devices) that they should display content at full width rather than zoomed in like they normally would. This way users get all necessary information without having to scroll around as much when reading through stuff!

Is easy to set up and use

  • Your checkout process should be as easy as possible. If the process is too difficult, you’ll receive negative feedback and lose customers.

  • You need a good search function that allows visitors to find what they want quickly.

  • You need an easy-to-use product configurator for shoppers who want to customize their purchase.

  • It's important that your customer support function is available 24/7 so you can address any issues with your users immediately.


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