The emergence of e-commerce in recent years has provided young entrepreneurs with many new ways to invest their funds and knowledge for gaining significant profits. One of these ways, which has gained rapid popularity among millennials and Gen Zers, is called drop shipping. Simply put, drop shipping is a business model that allows you to buy from manufacturers and have them deliver the order to your client. This allows drop shipping companies to cut expenses and invest their efforts (and funds) into developing other areas of business. So, how can one build a profitable drop shipping business?

  1. Choose a proper market segment

Start with selecting a product that your customers really need. Things that are easily found near hand are unlikely to attract the attention of your clients. Make sure to keep shipping costs as low as possible since this allows you to offer complimentary shipping and attract more customers. Branding your products is worth spending some efforts as well. 

  1. Know your competitors

Competition among the drop shipping companies is incredibly stiff, as they compete not only with each other but also with wholesale giants like Walmart and Amazon. However, concentrating on a low-competition product may not be worth it since such products have very low demand. You need to find a balance between the competition on a given market and profits you can gain from selling a certain product.

  1. Find a reliable supplier

Selecting a decent manufacturer is an essential step in building a drop shipping business, as the supplier would be the one responsible for the quality of your goods and services. Make sure to find a reliable manufacturer and set up healthy business relationships with them. Communication is crucial in this case, so check that you perfectly understand each other.

  1. Enhance your online presence

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to hire a team of developers to create a custom website. In fact, most young drop shipping businesses can successfully operate using a Facebook page or a Shopify account. More complex solutions are suitable for larger companies with stable revenue flows.

  1. Find a way to attract more customers

While there are many ways to launch an ad campaign, Facebook is probably the best way to reach out to your target audience. Facebook ad campaigns are very effective, as they allow you to compete with larger brands through placing ads right in front of potential buyers. Email marketing may be useful to promote your brand as well.

  1. Use data to grow your business

Tools for tracking customer conversion, such as Google Analytics, are extremely helpful when it comes to gaining insights into your clients’ activity. Knowing which actions lead to successful sales and which result in failures allows you to eliminate unnecessary things from your website and concentrate on useful ones.

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