On June 2, Donald Trump declared his intention to drop out of the Paris climate agreement aimed at reduction of carbon emissions. This decision was shock for those who fight for the environment as the United States is the global 1st pollutant of the atmosphere with CO2. And if this is left uncontrolled, sea levels and temperature will rise and result in irreversible effects.

US leading businessmen in every industry, from Robert Iger to Elon Musk, have impressed their negative position to the Trump's decision.

Is this decision important for the fashion industry? Of course, it is. Fashion's CO2 emissions are one of the biggest; according to recent reports, they will have increased to 2.8 billion tons per year by 2030. And, apparently, with no government support of the fight against climate change, there will be less drive for companies to continue switching to non-polluting technologies and no punishment for those which fail to achieve the sustainability in their production.

Nevertheless, there are still towards many factors that make American brands to establish sustainable production. For example, big corporations have no other way than complying with other countries' standards. Moreover, governments at state and municipal levels claim to promote climate legislation. One more fact is that modern shoppers tend to support fashion brands that takes care about environment.
Many companies see Trump's decision as a call to go further with their climate strategies and stay committed to sustainable future.
Gap's representative said the company would work on reducing in their greenhouses gas emissions and cooperation with suppliers to adopt more sustainable production process.

Nike is going to proceed with the US Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge and the American Business Act on Climate Change Pledge in order to achieve 100% renewable energy in all its facilities by 2025. The company is sure that the climate issue is the global problem that shouldn't be neglected, and if the world wants to prosper, it has to take challenges to build a low-carbon economy.

Despite the fact that without government support it would be harder to the industry to succeed in its will to make a contribution to reduce the climate changes, it's time for industries and companies to act together and help the planet.

With Trump or without him, the global community will continue to promote the sustainable development. And if a company wants to succeed in 10 years, it has to put its efforts to the environment protection now.