Jaimie Alexander at "Thor: The Dark World" premiere, 2013

"Naked" Stars' Dresses Jamie

Do you remember the role of Jaimie Alexander in "Thor: The Dark World"? No? Neither do we. But everyone remembers the girl at premiere of the movie in Los Angeles because of the half naked dress. Despite it is risky to make any movement in the dress, it looks very elegant.

Rihanna, CFDA Fashion Awards, 2014

"Naked" Stars' Dresses Rihanna

That dress still remains the "most scandalous" Rihanna's attire. She wore it in order to take the prize in "2014 Style Icon" nomination. The Adam Selman dress was custom-made costume made from silver mesh fabric and embroidered by hand with 230 thousand (!) Swarovski crystals. The dress, for sure, was not intended to be comfortable - the main aim of the dress was shining in the spotlight.

Rita Ora, Vanity Fair Oscar Party, 2015

"Naked" Stars' Dresses Rita Ora

In February 2015, Rita Ora, apparently, decided to outshine the winners at the after-party of the Oscars. The singer came in a maxi-dress the most part of which was totally transparent. She left the indelible impression.

Irina Shayk, Vanity Fair Oscar Party, 2015

"Naked" Stars' Dresses Irina Shayk

Two in one - tights and dress – a dream of every woman! Besides, the Irina Shayk's dress was very similar to the Rita Ora's one, in which she appeared at the same party. Interestingly, did they meet each other there?

Beyonce, Met Gala, 2015

"Naked" Stars' Dresses Beyonce

A lot of transparent fabric, a drop of crystals in "strategic" locations, charisma, and voila - the perfect outfit for Beyonce is ready. However, if you are not Beyonce or you do not have the same courage, it is not recommended to repeat such a look. Even if it is Givenchy Couture. By the way, that was not the only naked dress that evening: J. Lo and Kim Kardashian were in open dresses as well, but Beyonce's outfit is our favorite.

Ciara, Grammy 2016

It should be admitted that the idea of Alexandre Vauthier dress is brilliant: on the one side we see a girl in an elegant silver maxi-dress, but just she turns the other side – and we see an Amazon in erotic black body. The mould is broken at the front - there is a strong impression that the dress is not finished. Ciara was not embarrassed at all. The star is in excellent fit, so in her case it is possible to come to the ceremony in a half-dress.

Madonna, Met Gala 2016

"Naked" Stars' Dresses Madonna

You would think that nothing may surprise you after Madonna's appearances at Jean Paul Gaultier show in 1992, when she came to the podium in a dress "emphasizing" her bare breast. But the singer has proved that there is no limit to perfection. The attire she demonstrated at MET Gala 2016 represented a manifesto against ageism (age discrimination). Most of people did not understand the manifesto, and the singer heard comments that sometimes you just need to accept yourself for who you are, and not try to prove to others that you are still "hoo!" Madonna is in great shape, but why to show it by getting into the weird thing made of organza and medical bandages? Should be terribly uncomfortable …

Diane Kruger, Vanity Fair Oscar Party, 2016

"Naked" Stars' Dresses Diane

The only thing we can say here is that both the girl and the dress are beautiful. That is the case when "naked" dress is not epatage but a compliment to the lady's figure. Diane Kruger was recognized as one of the most stylish stars at the event. The dress does not even look transparent because of cleverly laid pattern and sewn fringed tassels.

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