Trending: How to wear a dress?

Femininity is always trending. And while we only think about dresses, designers and fashionistas all over the world have already expanded the horizons of our view on how to combine this element of wardrobe.

A dress is an excellent investment in your wardrobe. Of course, if it's the right dress. It can make you look perfect almost everywhere - at a party with your friends, on vacation with your loved one or even at work.

The choice of the right dress is individual. Someone likes floral mini, someone chooses strict pencil dresses, and some prefer soft air babydoll dresses.

To make the choice easier, we'll help you to imagine how many images can be made with a dress. When planning to buy a midi dress with a floral print, think about your wardrobe and how it goes with it. Do you have the appropriate accessories? Where and when can you wear the dress? Ask yourself these questions and never rush to buy! Having given yourself time to think about the purchase, you avoid the fact that you can make up only one look with clothes and always look the same.

Completely different looks can inspire to make the purchase of the right dress.

Classics. It is a dress in tandem with heels or with flat shoes. You can choose a dress of an interesting style or with a print, combine it with one-color footwear or, on the contrary, making the accent only on shoes or on a bag.

Leather jacket and coarse boots, loafers or sneakers. The outlooks made based on the contrast and mixing of styles always look interesting and elaborate, in a good sense. Try to combine your favorite delicate dress with a leather jacket and boots. A denim jacket or bomber will help to lower the degree of femininity and make the look more casual.

Denim jacket. This thing can be referred to the must-haves of the season. It can diversify lots of looks. A slightly large jacket or an oversized model, universal sneakers and a shoulder-bag will make a totally different look.

If you chose a linen or sleeveless dress, feel free to experiment and wear different blouses, tops or T-shirts under the dress. You can put on any shoes depending on the mood: from heels to sneakers.

Another way to update an old and boring dress is to put a vest over it. The style of a vest depends on a dress. It can be a grunge leather vest, a classic elongated waistcoat or an oversized denim vest.

Do not forget that accessories can work wonders. A loose scarf on your neck will make your image to play out in fresh colors. You can choose large earrings or a massive bracelet. Also, do not forget about hats and hair accessories.

For the bravest, we suggest trying a combination of a dress with trousers or jeans. To do this, choose a robe-dress or a shirt-dress. Put classic ankle-length trousers or jeans and a plain one-color t-shirt. In this look, dress will serve as a cover-up.

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