Types of Fashion Styles

Our style is undoubtedly more than just our clothing. It is an expression of our spirit and character. 
Properly chosen style can help us create a positive first impression. Moreover, knowing your fashion style can simplify your shopping process and emphasize your personality. 
So, which style best characterizes your personality?

  • Casual
    Casual fashion style shows a democratically dressed, practical woman, who prefers comfortable clothes that always suit the occasion. Btw, if you want some wholesale casual dresses for your business - check our Wholesale Casual Dresses Categories.


  • Classic
    Classic style expresses a sense of stability and comfort. Basic colors are black, grey and beige. It has an impeccable tailoring and clean, straight lines. Timeless classic style focuses on simple elegance.


  • Tomboy
    Tomboy style is a style for a girl who does not like to look girly. This style is about baggy shirts and unisex jeans that are usually bought in the boy section of department stores.


  • Sexy
    Sexy style shows maximum exposure of the body leaving little to the imagination. It is often accompanied with short cocktail dresses, tight fitting shorts, and high heels. 


  • Romantic
    Feminine and ladylike, romantics are often unrealistic. They prefer softness and curls. This style often includes homecoming dresses, hearts, flowers, and many cute accessories.


  • Glamorous
    Glamorous style often gets everyone’s attention. It is a precious, perfectly polished look. Bright and fabulous it is never complete without jewels, silk and satin.


  • Grunge 
    Grunge style is all about “I-don’t-care” look that includes cheap messy clothing worn in a careless way. For grunge look you will need flannel shirt, ripped denim, and combat boots.


  • Flamboyant
    "Flamboyant" is associated with drama. At most times, asymmetrical and exaggerated. The main characteristic of flamboyant is being absurdly colorful and splashy.


  • Exotic
    Exotic style focuses on something very uncommon and different for ordinary people. It is often mysterious and intriguing. The clothing style centers on rich colors, embroidery, mysterious patterns, prints, and mosaics.


  • Chic
    "Chic" is often synonymous with "trendy" or "fashionable". People who favor this style prefer stylish well-tailored garments with perfectly matched accessories.


  • Artsy
    Artsy is a style for a creative thinker. Cute artsy style admirers prefer vintage inspired handcrafted items and unusual garments.


There is a wide range of fashion styles with, at times, no clear boundaries between them. To find your own fashion style you should feel free to mix and experiment.

After all, your individuality is that what gives you confidence and a sense of comfort.


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