What is a visual illusion in clothes? Smcfashion thinks - It is an art to control the impression through understanding psychology of visual perception. In this article we’ll tell you how it works and how to work with it.

Visual illusions are very common in everyday life. The simplest example of visual illusion is a railway: they seem connected in the distance, but in reality the space between them are not changed. In other words, we are mistaken when we look at them, but we know about it. As for clothes, we can both see wrong and understand wrong since we don’t know the features of another person’s figure.

For example, if we want look taller and slimmer, we should put on high heels. As the result we look taller and slimmer. It is logical. But what should you do if you want to look smaller and tiny? In this case, flat shoes are not the only tool for you. Most likely, you will use color blocks in ensemble, multi-layering, horizontal lines, relaxed hairstyle, bright accents in lower part of the body.

Visual Illusions in Clothing: Look a Couple Sizes Slimmer 1

So, if you really want to look slimmer visually or even a couple sizes smaller without dieting, here's our tips:

Vertical in clothing lengthens the silhouette

Any vertical lines in your clothing will make you to look slimmer. Buttons in a row, zipper, hidden button panel, long cardigans, coats, scarves, creases, piping, vertical stitches. The only exceptions are contrasting stripes and pleating: they will make your figure wider.

Visual Illusions in Clothing: Look a Couple Sizes Slimmer 2

Monochrome mat look

Consider deep dark mat fabrics that keep their shape well. Remember: any shine, decoration, relief will make you chubby. Frankly, nothing makes the silhouette longer than monochrome look. In other words, everything in your look ­- dress, stockings, shoes, and coat – has to be of the same color: anthracite, blue, blueberry or chocolate. This, by the way, is the fashion trend of the recent seasons, which is not standing its ground. One more trend is looks made of different shades of the same color family: from rich green and emerald to dark bottle-green colors, for example. This is elegant and aristocratic at the same time. A few more centimeters to your height and a few less kilograms are guaranteed. By the way, skin color pumps will also make your legs visually longer and they go almost with any ensemble. These features made them so popular lately.

Visual Illusions in Clothing: Look a Couple Sizes Slimmer 3

Buy clothes of your size

It’s trite, but true. Most people don’t know or don’t want to buy clothes of their size. According to statistics, women buy things a couple sizes smaller in hope to get slimmer miraculously, and fragile female nervous system likes more the label of a smaller size than the real one. Men, in contrast, prefer clothes of larger sizes hoping to look more sizeable. Needless to say, that none of them achieve their goals. Even the most slender woman in a dress or lingerie that is small for her looks like a "shank", and a man in baggy clothes – like a pencil in a can.

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