Yasmina Rossi's true beauty


“And the beauty of a woman with passing years only grows”

- Audrey Hepburn

  Today, Smcfashion will tell you about Yasmina Rossi. Beauty stereotypes are constantly shifting and they can hardly reflect the true essence of it. True beauty is never related to shape, color, or age. True beauty is defined by the way you perceive yourself.

The story of an American model of French descent Yasmina Rossi is totally different from the stories of her colleagues. Yasmina started her modeling career when she was over 40. Now she is 60 and her beauty only keeps growing with age.

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Yasmina Rossi was born in France in 1955. She was raised on the Mediterranean island of Corsica and lived in many places including Europe, South Africa and North America. At 45 Yasmina relocated to New York and started her modeling career.

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Yasmina Rossi is a successful model, photographer, and proud grandmother of two beautiful kids. She is fluent in French, English and Italian. She likes hiking, jogging and windsurfing, but most of all, she likes to break the barriers.

This gorgeous grey haired model never had any plastic surgery. She is proud of her wrinkles and views them as her advantage. Her beauty routine is rather common. She prefers to preserve her beauty naturally.

Yasmina Rossi's true beauty 3

Yasmina believes that the secret of everlasting beauty is simple. First, you should be who you are, not what others want you to be. It makes you special. Second, eat healthy foods and get into sports. Yasmina has been practicing yoga for over 30 years. And the last one - take care of your skin and hair. Rossi is very proud of her long silver grey hair. She never colored it because she knew it was her main distinctive feature. Once, Yasmina received a proposal for better deal from a famous cosmetic company. The only requirement was to dye her hair. However, Yasmina denied this offer. She said that money could not buy her freedom and happiness.

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Now Yasmina Rossi effortlessly poses for Yves Saint Laurent and Marks & Spencer. She looks flawless in evening gowns and pencil dresses alike. She became an inspiration for many women all over the world. Yasmina proves that a woman over 60 can be proud of her body and that beauty cannot be measured with age. As the saying goes, “True beauty comes from within”.

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