Your Own Retail Clothing e-Store: Website Content

Your Own Retail Clothing e-Store: Website Content 1

We continue our series of mini-articles on various aspects of opening an online clothing shop. Today we are going to talk about website content. It’s an important ingredient of your site’s success, so take it seriously. Of course, you can outsource content development, but you’ll still end up spending time on inputs, comments, coordination, etc.

Your Own Retail Clothing e-Store: Website Content 2

Texts should be easy-to-read and provide all the information your potential customers may need. Use a simple style and avoid long complex sentences. Don’t overdo with technical jargon. And, of course, never plagiarize. You don’t want copyright related problems, so all your content should be unique. There are many online tools that can help you check your texts.

Product description is your virtual salesperson. It should tell the client everything he or she needs to know about the product, leaving no unanswered questions. Specs and features, available colors and sizes, price, shipping cost – all that in a rather compact textbox. Can it get any simpler?

Your Own Retail Clothing e-Store: Website Content 3

Photos are very important. No matter what the product description says, if its photo is ugly, chances of good sales may be quite low. There are many ways to photograph the product, i.e. on white background, on a mannequin or on a model, but the latter is always better. It looks more natural and gives a pretty good impression of how well the item will look on you. Of course, you can have multiple photos, but you better display the best one(s) first. One more thing… Try not to rely on one model for all of your products. Diversify.

Your Own Retail Clothing e-Store: Website Content 4

Your banners better not be way too flashy and annoying, because they can distract site visitors from important content. Also, be careful with banner exchange. The things you advertise should be more or less relevant. Lack of taste can be bad for business, and you don’t want that, do you? By the way, many people have ad blocking software, so don’t be surprised if someone misses your sale. To avoid this, use other information tools as well.

If you plan to have some articles, make them really interesting. After all, people came here to shop, not to read. So no boring stuff. Use photos, illustrations and videos. Bullet points can be a lot more effective than long paragraphs of text. If you expect some sort of feedback, provide the necessary means.

Your Own Retail Clothing e-Store: Website Content 5

We’ll cover some more specific things you may want to have on your website in Part Two. Meanwhile, you can check out certain sections of our website. Oh, and don’t forget about the rich variety of our wholesale dresses. See you next week!

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