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As you begin an uneasy search for your perfect gown, it’s not hard to see why lace wedding models are such a desirable option for a modern bride. The intricate needlework makes these charming creations gentle and charming, thus dazzling the onlookers. With so many absolutely beautiful options out there, how do you even find the one that’s right for you?

For centuries, lace decor has become the highlight of fashionable wedding dresses. Royalty, ranging from Queen Victoria to modern princesses, such as Kate Middleton and Grace Kelly, often chooses open work. Before the charm of large lace patterns can not resist both Hollywood stars and ordinary brides. This decor can create a spectacular and feminine image with any silhouette and length.

Previously, lace was immensely expensive, because it was made by hand. And after the appearance of factories for their production in the XVIII century, openwork wedding models became available to every bride. Today, designers use an abundance of options – French and English lace, and fine guipure. Boho or Art Deco models tend to use textured decor, for example, with Irish designs.

The brand pleases brides with a delightful variety. For example, a model with light floral applications on the skirt echoes the elegant trim of the top. Textured oriental patterns with a clear structure and gently sparkling finish create a luxurious image. By the way, the large openwork looks especially impressive on a colored background.

The lace on your wedding dress should be of excellent quality, otherwise, the image will look "cheap". If you have a limited budget, consider options with elegant inserts or trim small areas, such as a bodice or sleeves. Models for a solemn ceremony, decorated with lace elements, fascinate with a variety. Dresses with large lace can be completely openwork, partially - on the sleeves, inserts, back, or have a luxurious decor of appliques or festoons.

A concise cut, clear lines, and moderation in finishing are preferred. In general, the shape of wedding dresses is divided into straight, lush, A-shaped, and "mermaid". Also, pay attention to transformer dresses and crop top models with a separate top and skirt. Many girls prefer ball gowns, with full skirts and corsets. This outfit will favorably set off a narrow waist, hide full hips, compensate for wide shoulders, and give the figure a seductive hourglass shape.

Lace can only adorn a corset bodice with open shoulders, complementing light chiffon, organza, or soft silk. Examples are the deliciously delicate models, which make their owners look like fairy-tale fairies. In one more model, the openwork from the bodice falls to the multi-layered skirt, making the image more luxurious and majestic.

The sensual silhouette of the "fish" becomes even more attractive thanks to the openwork. In our collections, mermaid wedding dresses are covered with lace completely. The choice of such a model requires special attention because a large decor should be combined with the proportions of the figure. If slender and tall brides can afford almost any style and length, then the owners of magnificent forms should look at the classic fitted and straight silhouettes, with an elegant cut and no weighting decor.

The bride's femininity will be given by the "mermaid" cut, which can be transformed by a lush removable skirt. Designers offer just such an option, complementing the spectacular large patterns with the multi-layered lightness of the powder-pink tulle. Remember that the lace sections will be the main accents of the image, so their location should favorably emphasize the advantages of your figure.

You can set off the cleavage area with festoons on the portrait neckline, a thin waist, or elegant arms. If you chose a model with an openwork back, take care of a beautiful posture. Also, with the help of lace, you may distract attention from the shortcomings and make the proportions harmonious, and the image – feminine and flawless.

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