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Down with the stereotypes, or why are short wedding dresses becoming more popular? There are enough reasons to break the classic wedding traditions: an informal style, an attempt to save money or enjoy convenience, a bold desire to stand out among similar brides. Only the owners of perfect taste will be able to look charming in a short wedding dress, and not defiant. There are specific recommendations on how to learn how to create such an image.

Practicality, price, and comfort – that's why short wedding dresses are increasingly becoming the subject of choice for modern brides. Short outfits have at least five advantages: They are much more comfortable. Guests will not trample the hem, and therefore it will look decent all day. And the bride herself can feel more comfortable in such a dress if she is not used to wearing elongated models in everyday life. The opportunity to relax and not be afraid to get entangled in the layers of the skirt every minute is worth it. A short wedding dress that reveals the bride's gorgeous legs looks much sexier than a traditional long dress.

If there is something to show, then why hide it under a long and voluminous skirt. It is perfect for a beach wedding. In a short dress, the bride can go shallowly into the pond with the groom to pose for a photographer to create amazing shots. A short dress is a practical option also because, after the wedding, you can safely wear it to a party or holiday, and not hang it as a dead weight in the closet. This is especially true for color models. Many girls speak frankly: "Why would I buy an evening dress for a date at a restaurant? I still have my wedding dress!» In a short dress, the bride can easily jump into the hands of the groom and not limit herself during the first dance.

An inexpensive short wedding dress will help you significantly save your budget and conquer everyone around you with the beauty of your slender legs! Short outfits are chosen by flirty natures who want to break down stereotypes and create a modern image of a daring bride. Cheap short wedding dresses, as a rule, are not inferior to more expensive outfits either in quality or design. Most often, the affordable price is explained by seasonal sales and promotions held by wedding boutiques.

The online store offers wedding dresses of different cuts and styles. Wedding dresses with short skirts are sewn from all kinds of fabrics: satin, lace, chiffon, tulle. Among this variety of textures and styles, you will certainly find the model of your dreams. For the most practical brides, we have collected the best models on our portal

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