Developing Your Own Style 1

We all want to be stylish. But sometimes our sense of moderation let us down, and instead of overwhelm everyone with a perfect look, we achieve the opposite result.

We think our lack of style comes from the wish to stand out from the crowd and impress everyone no matter what. Remember your adolescence: green mohawk, blue shadows with red lipstick and eye-popping outfits, at the sight of which your teachers were filled with horror. Everyone has photos where he/she is in completely foolish clothes, which are better no to show children. But we have grown and teenage habits are in the past. So, it is time to figure out how to develop your own style and always look stunning!

  • Fit yourself up. Start with yourself. Go to a good hairdresser and pick a stylish haircut. Have you nails done, but do not go too far, choose something classic. Leave rhinestones, acid colors and long nails to others. We need a stylish look! Choose makeup which suits you: there are many tutorials to do it. But the most important thing is to change yourself mentally, love yourself and your body.
  • Define type of your figure. It is very important point! It will help you to hide minuses of your body and to emphasize the pluses; there is nothing worse than clothes which do not fit you, even if they are trendy. There are 5 types of woman figures: apple, pear, hourglass, triangle and rectangle. Each type has its pluses and minuses. And based on that, you may disfigure your look with clothes or make it incredibly attractive.
  • Review your wardrobe. Get rid of all outworn clothes, of the clothes you do not like or which do not fit you. It makes no sense to cherish the hope that you will lose weight and fit into the jeans you worn in high school, or that these small holes on the old T-shirt are visible only to you. And try not to have vulgar clothes in your wardrobe - they never let you hear compliment to your impeccable style.
  • Decide which style is closer for you. Do not limit yourself with one or two styles, because all women’s beauty is in their talent to change. Of course, do not forget about classics, it will be stylish always and everywhere. Find the style not only you enjoy, but which reflects your personality as well. Among the most popular are: romantic, boho-chic, casual, ethnic, derby, military, etc. Sports style is better to left for appropriate situations and not to choose it as the principal style. Never copy style of a fashion magazine or a friend. Believe us, the same style looks completely different on different people.
  • Choose colors. Make your color analysis; it will help you to decide which colors emphasize your beauty and which ones should be avoided. Do not forget about such colors as black, white and gray. These are classic colors, and they never go out of style. And remember one simple thing: style is silent – only bad taste screams.
  • Make your basic wardrobe. Basic wardrobe - is a keystone, and every self-respecting woman should have it. It includes all clothes that are not subject to fashion changes: straight jeans, classis dresses, shirts, T-shirts without prints, classic pumps ... These tips are common: if an item absolutely does not suit you, replace it with another one without a doubt.
  • Pay special attention to accessories. They are the cherry on top, which gives a special chic and completeness to the wardrobe. All women know that elegant scarf can give a total new look to an office suit. But do not forget that an inappropriate accessory may ruin the whole look.
  • Think about when and where your stylish look is appropriate. Lack of taste - is primarily inability to determine the distinction between situations when and where your outfit is appropriate. A stylish look for a nightclub and an impeccable suit, in which you will be introduced to the Queen of England, are completely different things, aren’t they? Therefore, always keep in mind where you go and what could be worn on this occasion.
  • Filter all fashion trends. Not all that is trendy is stylish. Learn fashion magazines and form the most ideal look yourself.
  • Classic is always in fashion. No one can say a single bad word about classic. Classic always saves us from mistakes, helps in difficult situations when we do not know what to wear, so classic clothes need a special spot in your wardrobe. Moreover, it is worth to spend more for classics, and save on trendy things.

"Fashion passes, style remains," the famous Coco Chanel said. And we think no one will argue with these words. Train, develop your own style! It is not as difficult as it seems.

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