As the clothing stores are gearing towards a busy summer season, store owners are concerned with boosting their sales. Running a clothes store, particularly a women’s clothing one, is a lucrative business but the market is fiercely competitive. This means that new techniques are always much called for to keep the revenue high and stand out from thousands of similar clothing merchants.

Wholesale summer dress segment is definitely one of the most promising at this time of the year. Here are a few effective tips that will come in handy if you’re looking for ways to boost your summer dresses sales.  

Review your offering

Summer is not the time to sell off last season’s leftovers. It pays off to supply collections of beautiful trendy summer dresses to your store and market them heavily. Women are going to need a lot of dresses but they are not looking for uniformity. What you need to have is a diverse portfolio that would address their varying needs.


For example, the trending summer dresses right now are sheath shape summer dresses, off-shoulder evening dresses and floral summer dresses

Invest in new mannequins

Stylish mannequins can transform your store and showcase your beautiful summer dresses like nothing else. The world of retail has long ago moved to sleek, eye-catching models that do a great job of advertising clothes.

Go social

Women apparel industry is amongst the luckiest businesses to benefit from endless opportunities social media delivers. First of all, this industry relies on imagery heavily, and social media is a perfect place to promote your latest wholesale summer dress collections.

Not only can you promote an unlimited number of items in your store, you can do so for free just by posting updates to your social profiles. If you want to see a higher ROI from your social media marketing efforts, you might want to run social ads. This will help you reach a specific audience of women who you see as your perfect customers.

Offer discounts

The competition in the apparel industry is tough, both in terms of product line and pricing. Unless you offer exclusive items, you need to introduce attractive sales system in order to get a constant influx of customers. Discounts may sound like an obvious thing to do but have you ever seen a better way to convert hesitant onlookers into customers? Women who need several summer dresses appreciate the opportunity to buy quality clothes at an affordable price. 


Good luck with your sales this summer season!

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