With summer coming, it is high time to replenish supplies with fancy dresses, which will be much sought after this year. Let’s see what styles will sell like hot cakes based on leading fashion magazines’ overviews.

Glamorous Sequins and Glitter

Top 7 Summer Dress Styles  1

According to Elle Trend’18 report, fashion designers are striving for glamour this year, and so they want sparking cocktail dresses back on catwalks and streets. Naturally, every decent sharp dresser will hunt for a glittering evening gown – dresses decorated with sequins, beads, crystals and all kind of sparkles are among the most-coveted wholesale summer dresses.

Long and Transparent

Top 7 Summer Dress Styles 2

Thanks to Valentino, Christian Dior, Gucci and many other fashion houses, sheer dressing is on trend this year. They offer plenty of styles for long transparent skirts, from multi-layered and puffyto straight and simple. Certainly, airy wholesale dresses made of tulle, lace and net will be hot for the summer.

Cut It Short

Top 7 Summer Dress Styles 3

Harper’s Bazaar predicts a high demand for both crop tops and bra tops this summer. According to the magazine, the hottest way to wear them is a combination with high-waisted skirts – probably, high-waist serves to add an intriguing touch and to balance the revealing top.

Bold Stripes

Top 7 Summer Dress Styles 4

When looking for a cheap casual dress, be sure to search for a striped option. From Zara to Topshop, fashion brands are crazy about bold and bright stripes – horizontal, vertical, diagonal, narrow or wide. The only stipulation is a colorful scheme, which creates a great summer mood and catches the eye.

Cutaway Shoulders

Top 7 Summer Dress Styles 5

Off-shoulder style for casual summer dresses? Bang on! This is an awesome idea for hot summer days and the style has been staying in vogue for a couple of seasons. Also, pay attention to the one-shouldered silhouette, which is on rise at the moment.

Vibrant Shades

Top 7 Summer Dress Styles 6

While ice-cream pastels are still hot, bold colors go on the attack. From sunny yellows to passionate reds, bright shades are welcomed on catwalks throughout the world. Why not stock up on jazzy casual dresses, which are sure to ring the bell with girls of fashion?

Ruffles Rule

Top 7 Summer Dress Styles 7

We all love ruffles for this feminine look they add to any garment, whether they decorate tops or skirts. This summer ruffles are in wear again, and some of fashion brands like Alexander McQueen or Givenchy prefer to have them decorating dresses from the top to the very bottom. It’s a nice idea for casual summer dressers, making them look stylish and eye-catching.

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