Princess Diana became a real style icon for many women of her time. However, after many years the style of Princess Diana is still essential, and her outfits stagger the imagination of the fashion world. Let’s recall the rules Lady Di followed in creating her style.

Her wedding dress, which Lady D wore for the wedding ceremony with Prince Charles at St. Paul's in London, she chose herself and it did not fit the generally accepted standards of the royal wedding dress, and therefore subjected to considerable criticism. However, later Princess Diana's wedding dress was called the century dress and determined fashion for wedding dresses for years. The legendary dress was created by little-known at that time British designers David and Elizabeth Emanuel. It was made from ivory silk and was embroidered with pearls and noble old English lace. One of the key details of the wedding dress, made in the Victorian style, was 26 feet train.

Princess Diana: The Style Conquered the World 1

In everyday life Diana stuck to simplicity. She preferred plain fabrics clothes decorated, on occasions, with modest democratic ornaments. Classic blue jeans or even white sweats could be found in her wardrobe as well. These types of bottoms she usually mixed with usual cut sweaters or jumpers and traditional shirts.

For work the princess often chose simple and plain suits enhanced with elegant jewelry. Lady Di was a guru in creating monochrome looks and combining contrasting white and black. The princess's wardrobe showed her special love for white color and its shades. Pastel colors, from milk and pale blue to pink and pale lilac, suited her, and she smartly used it. Quite often, the look of the princess was complemented with elegant hats of different shapes. Lady Di favored classic pumps on a small heel. She has never worn high heels and in informal atmosphere preferred flat shoes.

Princess Diana: The Style Conquered the World 2

Diana could not do without jewelry. Her impressive collection had it all: earrings, clips, bracelets, brooches, necklaces, tiaras. It should be noted that pearl was something special for her. It could be seen not only in incrustations of all kinds of jewelry, but also in threads around her neck, necklaces, and chokers.

Princess Diana stamped herself as a future style icon at her very first public appearance as Prince Charles's bride. For the official reception in the Goldsmiths' Hall, held on 3 March 1981, Lady Di chose a floor-length black dress, made of silk taffeta by David and Elizabeth Emanuel. She accentuated the neckline with classic diamond necklace.

The other famous dress of Princess Diana was a navy blue velvet dress by Victor Edelstein, which she wore during her visit to the White House in 1985. At the official dinner that night she danced with the famous American actors like Clint Eastwood, Neil Diamond and John Travolta.

Princess Diana: The Style Conquered the World 3

Another iconic dress of the Princess was a snow-white suit-dress by Catherine Walker, embroidered with 20.000 white pearls. In 1989 she wore the dress at the British Fashion Awards ceremony, where she handed out "Designer of the Year" award to Graham Fraser and Richard Nott, British fashion duo.

Diana chose very chic and elegant Little Black Dress by Christina Stambolian for the charity dinner at the Serpentine Gallery in London in 1994. To complete the look she played up the low neckline with her favorite pearl choker.

Princess Diana has not always adhered to the traditional view on how royal ladies should dress. Often she could be seen in low neck dresses or dresses above the knee length. She particularly favored asymmetrical one-shoulder dresses. All this often led to controversy and criticism, but has never demonstrated lack of style. That was her style: elegant, romantic and incredibly beautiful.

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