Amazon to Become No.1 US Fashion Retailer 1

Amazon is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think about buying a new book or an electronic device, but what about clothes?

It is predicted that Amazon will get ahead Macy's and become the largest clothing retailer in the United States.

What could it mean for the future of fashion retail?

We doubt anyone could even think that Amazon sells its own clothing; the only thing one can say about it is that only third-party brands sell clothes through Amazon. 

The thing you may have not also known is that Amazon has already run seven own clothing brands.

Many may agree that labels like "Lark & Co" or "Franklin Tailored" could easily be taken to be small companies, and not a part of the corporation. However, it turned out to be a deliberate move of the retailer.

While Amazon’s customers are not spoiling for buying clothes on the marketplace (only 15% of its customers currently buy clothes on the site), Amazon hopes that these labels will help to boost their shopping activity.

Data also plays a significant role in fashion retail. Analysis of data on popular brands, styles and consumer behavior helps to identify opportunities to offer a worthy alternative.

Launching private labels is only a part of a growing Amazon’s fashion strategy. The company has also created Style Code Live, a daily shopping fashion show for digital audience.

Over the past few years, Amazon has bought such fashion retailers as ShopBop and Zappos, and sponsored a wide range of fashion events.

But it seems not to be easy for Amazon to become a part of the fashion world.  As the retailer, gained reputation for its low prices and high-demand products, Amazon does not fit fashion e-commerce image.

There are many factors, why consumers may doubt about buying clothes on Amazon. First of all, it is lack of emotional appeal, which is common for a fashion site.

Of course, it is very convenient to buy on Amazon socks or a pair of sweats, but buying a $200 dress on the site sounds a bit unusual.

Another disadvantage is that the retailer doesn’t have physical shops, where customers could try on clothes before buying.

But there are still many factors, which make Amazon’s future in fashion retail quite perspective.

Despite only on-line presence, one of Amazon’s strengths is its "showroom" effect. This term describes the phenomenon when consumers are browsing something in regular stores and then searching the internet for a cheaper alternative and a convenient delivery.

The most attractive feature of Amazon is its Prime delivery. Neither Macy's, nor Nordstrom and JC Penney may offer two-day shipping and easy returns.

The fact that Amazon is already known as a reliable retailer is another strong point. Buyers are already familiar with Amazon’s customer reviews and Prime Day deals - features that make Amazon one of the most recognizable brands in the world.

Now, it's only a matter of time before buying clothes from Amazon will become a common thing.

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