Recycling Fashion: The Stars and Designers, Who Choose Eco-friendly Clothes 1

"Through recycling, waste can be reborn as something beautiful. Just imagine a world where a dress can have a positive impact on the planet!" These inspiring words Natalia Vodianova says in "The Journey of a Dress" video, who became an ambassador of the new H&M Conscious Exclusive collection. The line of the Swedish brand that was launched a few years ago is dedicated to manufacturing of garments from the recycled waste: plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and worn items from past seasons. If you are sick of an old sweater or unfashionable plaid skirt, H&M will gladly take them in exchange for a generous discount. And then they will recycle it and make a perfect new tendentious dress as the result.

Today, 20% of H&M products is clothing made from eco-friendly materials. Each year, the brand tries to increase this figure and use new technologies in the production, which promise to make fashion friendlier to the environment. The dress for Natalia Vodianova for the Champaign, for example, was created from Bionic, a special synthetic fabric, which is made from bottles and coastal waste. "This is a great dress - lightweight and very pleasant to the skin. It is incredible to think that it is literally sewn from garbage", the model shared with the press.

Before her, H&M eco-collections were also presented by Natasha Poly, Vanessa Paradis, Amber Valletta, Olivia Wilde, and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, who popularized "sustainability fashion" among celebrities. They proudly posed in recycled clothes not only in advertising photo shoots, but also at numerous red carpets, confirming their active philanthropic position.

Valletta even ordered H&M eco-dress for "Met Gala-2016", the theme of which was "Fashion in the era of technology." Her blue dress made of taffeta, decorated with petals from organic silk and plastic sequins, was one of the most spectacular outfits of the Ball and called favorable reaction not only from fashion experts but from supporters of the green-movement as well.

Such stars as Lupita Nyong'o, Margot Robbie, and Emma Watson also went up to the Metropolitan Museum in the dresses from recycled materials, which were the result of cooperation between Calvin Klein and Eco-Age. Perfectly tailored dresses did not give away their true origin: only the next day after the event, it became known that they were not made of expensive Italian fabrics, but of the usual bottles. "Plastic – is one of the largest sources of pollution on the planet," Miss Watson explained her attire. "The fact that it was processed and turned into my costume for the Ball proves that fashion and modern technology can work together."

Recycling Fashion: The Stars and Designers, Who Choose Eco-friendly Clothes 2

According to Emma, the documentary of Libya Firth "The real price of fashion" which tells about the harmful effects of the fashion-industry on air and nature became the inspiration for her choice of the apparel. One of the main roles in this film was played by designer Stella McCartney who joined in the fight for the health of the environment back in 2007. That time, she was one of the first who supported "Environmental Fashion Week" project and presented her collection of recycled items there, and then even convinced her colleagues from Adidas to take up the reproduction trend. Today, the company regularly releasing green-products - biodegradable suits, shirts and shoes from polyester, and sneakers from ocean debris and fishing nets, is fifth in the ranking of the "100 Most Sustainable Corporations".

Active supporters of sustainable fashion include not only people from fashion business. The wife of James Cameron, Suzy Amis founded a competition and website "Red carpet Green dress" that calling for celebrities to wear green dresses on the red carpet. According to her, outfits from recycled garbage at the major world events could significantly change the state of the environment, because in those moments, millions of fans look at the artists.

Recycling Fashion: The Stars and Designers, Who Choose Eco-friendly Clothes 3

On the website, you can find photos of Naomi Harris, Meryl Streep, Missi Pyle, Sophie Turner, and even Michael Fassbender, who appeared in organic outfits at The Oscars. Amis prefers to wear dresses made of ethical silk that is made without killing silkworms.

Mrs. Cameron's innovative project draws on its side more and more designers and celebrities each year. The money got from the project is used to support a vegan child's school "Muse", which is based on the nature saving philosophy. All this sets, perhaps, the most important trend today, which makes the planet beautiful and healthy and deprives it of debris.

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