Wholesale Purchases: Pitfalls of Purchase in Online Stores 1

In recent years, shopping has become less time-consuming. You can even buy the full range of products for your offline store over the Internet, contacting suppliers or manufacturers via websites. This is fast, convenient and profitable, since wholesale prices in online stores are usually lower. You can save on the low delivery cost or discounts for regular customers. So, online wholesale purchases save your time and money.

Are there any risks, and what points you should pay attention to?

Perhaps, sometimes, it is more pleasant to visit a manufacturer's shop where you can drink a cup of coffee while sitting on a comfortable sofa and studying information about the product; moreover you can see or even try the thing on. But it is not always possible due to usual remoteness of clothing manufacturers. Such trips take considerable time.

A good online clothing wholesaler can compensate for the lack of coffee and seller's smile. In place of the sofa you may get a detailed description of not only the clothes, but also the feelings of putting it on, and get real customer reviews. Easy and fast delivery is much more pleasant than a cup of coffee, isn't it? The option of problem-free return and a variety of payment options make blind choices very comfortable and profitable.

In modern online shops, you can study even the smallest details of the product on your screen: producers and suppliers, who are confident in the benefits of their products and are ready for long-term cooperation, try to provide detailed pictures with zoom and even video demonstrations of their products.

If browsing the catalogue and characteristics of the goods is sufficient to form an impression of the quality and there is no need to check the product personally, it is a good sign. Poor quality photos and lack of detailed description (fabrics, sizes, cut features, and so on) should call doubts about the company and it is better to do the further research on it.

How else can you check reliability of a supplier or manufacturer via Internet?

In addition to the product catalogue, you should also check "About us", "Contacts", and "Payment and delivery" sections, where you can find all necessary information about the company. If these sections are not present or contain meaningless information, you should keep your ears open.

Also, notice the e-mail. Serious sellers use own domain, and not such free resources as yahoo.com or gmail.com.

Customer reviews, which can be easily found online today, help to define should you trust the company or not. It is better if the reviews are posted on third-party websites or forums and not on the company’s website, otherwise they can be fabricated.

The issues connected with online wholesale clothes purchases may be associated not only with the work of an online store. For example, problems with delivery of goods are common as well. Although it is not difficult to choose a reliable transport company today, unpleasant situations can occur. Typically they include: violation of the terms of delivery, violation of the integrity of a packaging, damage of goods, or loss of goods. If the purchase is made in a foreign online store, customs issues may also arise.

Men's and women's clothing is sold in bulk on many websites, but not all resources are popular. Popularity and reliability of a supplier or manufacturer, as well as favorable conditions for cooperation are the main factors for customers' choice for wholesale purchase. Among all items, clothes are one of the most complex products of online sales as it is harder to evaluate them without seeing. However, wholesale online purchases are future of any business. Just over an hour, you can select the required items, place your order, pay for it, and wait while a delivery company delivers it directly to your office.

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