Success stories: ASOS

Success stories: ASOS 1

Established at the dawn of the new millennium, a tiny UK-based online fashion retailer with huge ambition craved for success and with time proved to be highly effective. ASOS stands for As Seen On Screen. This is wise, because everybody likes the “what you see is what you get” e-shopping without any unpleasant surprises. They started as a trio but now have several thousand employees. Initially, they were duplicating chic fashion products and making them more accessible; today they have several fancy collections of their own. Being just a store is obviously not enough and ASOS is very close to becoming a popular designer brand.

Success stories: ASOS 2

From a small start-up, a follower to a leader with revenues exceeding one billion pounds. How did they do it? Well, the company focuses primarily on young adults. Again, this is wise, as they are the most promising target audience. Plus, they spread the word about good online experience very fast. At the same time, ASOS offers a little something for everyone, and that pretty much covers the remaining target groups. Clothing for men, women and kids, jewelry, beauty products, footwear, you name it. There are countless affordable items and there are premium ones, exclusives. Whenever they sense a niche or a new way for improvement, they act. The pricing policy is very reasonable. Delivery is timely and reliable. Returning items is painless, and these are not just words. The site itself is user-friendly; navigation is easy and intuitive. ASOS understands the country specifics, hence the dedicated websites for the US, Australia, China, France, Russia, etc. Did we mention a huge number of brands? They also take good care of their image through charity, sponsorships and, of course, good presence in social media. Combined, all this contributes to company’s success.

Success stories: ASOS 3

Yup, it looks like they are taking over. This is a good example of how a small start-up can turn into something big. Want to try yourself in online retail business? We can help! Because we specialize in Wholesale Dress for Wedding, Prom and Formal Evenings.

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