4 Arguments Why You Should Wear Dress to Work

4 Arguments Why You Should Wear Dress to Work

Every morning, thousands of women face the same question: what to wear to work today?

What to wear to look beautiful and stylish, feel comfortable and confident, and, at the same moment, correspond to the working dress code? Of course, there are categories of women who just wear uniforms or have a clear dress code, but the other part has to deal with the excruciating issue of work look every day. We believe that dress is a universal solution for the situation. Here are our arguments:

Argument 1

The dress is a finished outfit. Even if you do not add anything to your look, but simply put on a dress, you are ready to go to work. You are free from the hard choice of matching "top" and "bottom". You certainly know the situation when you put on your favorite skirt and suddenly remember that the matching jacket is in dry clean, and the suitable blouse needs to be ironed.

And here you are thrown into a dilemma again. There is no more time to think about the look. Stress is rising. Mood is getting down. So, why torture yourself?  Simply choose a dress!

Argument 2

The dress can be easily combined with other things and accessories. You can wear a dress with a jacket or cardigan. You can combine a business-style dress with neck scarves and as a result you will look appropriate not only in the office, but at a business dinner, and even at a dinner with your beloved man.

Argument 3

The dress is the embodiment of femininity which is often missing today. The dress helps us to show our feminine essence. It gracefully emphasizes the smooth curves of our body and no suit or trousers can be compared with a dress in this respect. Wearing a dress, we slow down our walk and our movements naturally become more graceful and smooth.

Argument 4

Thinking women spend money wisely. They understand that a dress, in most cases, is quite cheaper than a suit. This does not mean that we save on ourselves - it simply means that we can be different. And if, as we already mentioned above, we combine dresses with jackets, cardigans and accessories, we will get a very interesting and rich office wardrobe. After all, there is not much that pleases a woman as much as the abundance of looks in her wardrobe.

How many dresses do we need?

The question of quantity is the most vital when it comes to the female wardrobe. Of course, every woman wants as many dresses as possible. But do we really need so much? We are talking about the classic working wardrobe - a pencil dress. This dress is the base which you can layer the rest details of the image on. And it is the color that can satisfy our need for diversity. The commonly recognized colors of business clothing are gray, brown, blue, burgundy, beige, blue and, of course, noble black, regardless of the season and beyond any doubt.

Despite the seeming monotony of the pencil dress, you should pay attention to the details and cut: tucks or reliefs, shape of the cutout or collar, a cut or slit, a raglan or set-in sleeve, a sleeve length, presence of cuffs or lapels, decorative stitching, buttons or zippers – all these are just a small list of details that make each dress unique. The choice is yours!

August 24, 2018 by SMC Fashion