The Birth of a Fashion Star: Melania Trump at the Inauguration Ceremony 1

The gossips surrounding a person who will wear the new first lady of the United States has been continued since the Trump's election. Designers, refusing to provide her services, expressed in turn their opinions on Melania. Just a month before the inauguration, Tom Ford who has explained his position as follows: "American first lady should be closer to the people, but the clothes I create are very, very expensive", joined the unfriendly camp in the face of Marc Jacobs, Cynthia Rowley, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim.

The reason for this fashion-baiting was not only the political affiliation - immediately after the victory of the Republicans, a letter of the French designer Sophie Theallet, who dressed Michelle Obama, came to the Internet. In her message Sophie urged her colleagues to boycott the wife of the new president who, in her opinion, is not only far from the fashion world, but also from the general values. "Racism, sexism and xenophobia, promoted by the presidential campaign of her husband, are not compatible with the leading American postulates. I refuse to dress Melania Trump and urge the other designers to do the same", Theallet wrote.

In the light of all these events, the main intrigue was the name of the designer who will agree to dress Mrs. Trump for the presidential inauguration. Dolce & Gabbana, Melania's old friend Michael Kors, master of the fashion world Karl Lagerfeld, and "the true American designer" Ralph Lauren were the most obvious candidates. Many people staked on the latter because Ralph Lauren's team supported Melania Trump at the most crucial time for her family – the night of announcement of the results. That night the new First Lady appeared in a white Lauren's overall that caused a lot of talks, as before that, Ralph Lauren dressed the Donald's rival - Hillary Clinton.

As that was predicted by the critics, on the long-awaited day "X" he made a good service to both his clients. Melania came to the celebration in a sky-blue Ralph Lauren classic pencil dress and a short jacket. The ensemble was completed by the blue winkle pumps and long leather gloves that reminded of the style of the other First Lady - Jacqueline Kennedy. 16 years ago, Melania (born Knavs) talked that in the case of marriage to the US president her role model would be Jackie-O. However, in contrast to Mrs. Trump, Jacqueline was on friendly terms with all renowned fashion designers.

The Birth of a Fashion Star: Melania Trump at the Inauguration Ceremony 2

No one could guess the designer of Melania's inaugural ball dress. That was not Karl Lagerfeld, as press was confident, but the former creative director of Carolina Herrera Hervé Pierre. He made for Mrs. Trump graphic white dress with a deep cut decorated with a flounce on the top and a red belt. The first lady preferred small stud earrings to heavy diamond jewelry.

The Birth of a Fashion Star: Melania Trump at the Inauguration Ceremony 3

Melania's look was already named the most modest and elegant in the history of the balls, and their dance with Donald to the Sinatra's "My way" – one of the touching moments of the year. "I did it my way", Trump sang along with the legendary singer.

Left without support of the fashion elite, Melania decided to create her own team, giving a new round of fame to Pierre who once left out of things as well. Such a context attracts even more attention to Melania's wardrobe, turning her into a new fashion star. And while Trump copes with the disorders with the help of the fiery speeches, his wife's clothing speaks for her not only spectacularly, but also quite effectively.