Who Makes French Fashion Today 1

Couple days ago, Simon Porte Jacquemus, the creator of Jacquemus brand, celebrated his 27th birthday. On the birthday of one of the youngest stars of the fashion world, we remember other French designers whose names are on everyone's lips in the last years.



For the past few seasons, Vetements has been called the most important discovery of the Paris Fashion Week, but three years ago, the title belonged to Jacquemus: Simon Porte Jacquemus deserved the status of the main hope of the French independent fashion overnight, after autumn-winter 2013 collection show which the designer held in one of Paris pools. The great start led to the deserved prize for the development of the brand of 150 000 euros by LVMH in 2015. And Simon Porte has lived up the expectations: the designer regularly shows successful collections in Paris, in which he continues mixing simple silhouettes with geometric appliqués.



Even people far from fashion know Balmain creative director in person. Appointed to his current position only in the age of 24 years, over the past 5 years, the designer has gained wide popularity because he realized in time that social networks is a tool of promotion that is even better than direct advertising. And it is difficult to argue with that. Great popularity of "80's" and "ultra-luxury" Balmain dresses proves that Instagram photos of Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez in the brand dresses promote the brand perhaps more effectively than spreads in magazines.



Despite the fact we won’t have the heart to say that 51-year-old Christophe Lemaire is a young designer, it is he who embodies the French fashion today. Intelligent cut and strict minimalism are those things that were estimated by Lacoste, and then by Hermès: Lemaire worked in the position of creative director at both brands. In 2014, the designer decided to concentrate on the own brand - Lemaire which he manages together with his life partner Sarah-Lyn Tran. In addition to success sales among Lemaire's high achievements are two collaborations with the mass-market giant Uniqlo, which was followed by the appointment as a creative director of the Japanese brand.



Isabel Marant for sure will be associated with the threadbare platform sneakers for a long time: a few years ago, you had to line up on the day of replenishment of a shop assortment to get the treasured pair. Nevertheless, an impressive amount of fans Maran owes not to popular sneakers, but to the recognizable style which the designer has not been changing for years. Isabel Marant clothes can be unmistakably identified by boho fringe-like elements, colorful embroidery and other ethnic details that has been remaining the leitmotif of each Maran's collection for the last 20 years.

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