Smcfashion thinks, that 2017 has many interesting surprises for girls. We have analyzed the hottest fashion trends of 2017, so you can find new trendy clothes. Let's figure out what should we buy next shopping time to be in trend.


Top 5 Fashion Trends of 2017 1


Let's start with the silhouette. In 2017, styles with extended shoulder line are extremely popular. This is especially true for the cold season: men's style coats and raincoats will be an excellent addition to the autumn-winter wardrobe. You can throw over a jacket with extended shoulder line in cool summer evening. If you are afraid of bagginess, combine such clothes with feminine dresses and long skirts. In such combinations they show and emphasize the delicacy of female figure.

Denim + denim

Top 5 Fashion Trends of 2017 2

The next recommendation is denim suits. This feature finally comes back into fashion. You can combine denim skirts with shirts; jeans of any style with a classic denim jacket. By the way, denim jacket is a separate trend. This jacket is a frequent "guest" of catwalks, and it is a real must have in this season.

Boho patchworks

Top 5 Fashion Trends of 2017 3


The new season revives freedom of American and European folk. At this time, it is complemented with country traditions and results in romantic and mysterious "boho" style. It is better to leave boho for summer - it looks very good in light summer looks. In the cold season pay special attention to the different ways to use country style in your looks. In summer, your wardrobe should be replenished with macramé and lace, ruffles, tiered skirts, oversize blouses and A-silhouette dresses. All these things will create a unique mystery in combination with a casual hairdo and nude makeup. Do not forget about accessories: you can use many bracelets, necklaces of several strands, different pendants. Lacings and braided details will also be popular and you may use them wherever you like: from clothes and shoes to handbags and swimwear. For the cold season you can go to the traditional country style. Fringe and various whiskers, leather inserts and patchwork are perfect as decorative techniques. By the way, fashion for patchwork is an excellent opportunity to practice in needlework. If you are beginner, you should start with household items (blankets or tablecloths).

Stretch and metallic

Top 5 Fashion Trends of 2017 4


The 90s' fashion continues to be in trend in the two most recognizable fabrics of the time: stretch fabrics and metallic textures. By analogy with denim overalls and sarafans, such details put accents to your looks. Here, you should limit to one detail, and all other elements of the look should be modern. Small accessories made of metallic leather or other fabric are good for daily activities. And for special occasions, you can choose a shiny dress or suit.

Boudoir style

Top 5 Fashion Trends of 2017 5

Pajama and boudoir elements are not willing to leave the top fashion trends for the second season in a row. As the fashion world has already become accustomed to this trend, we may combine boudoir elements with other fashion trends.

For example, a silk dress in nightgown style may be combined with black leather jacket or oversized denim jacket. If you are not the person who does not like such style, you can add only a little detail. A satin silk top, which can be combined with usual jeans or trouser suit, looks very attractive. Another option is "pajama" pants or shirt combined with classic white blouse or formal skirt.

Here are some fashion trends of 2017. Use them carefully: add as details to your favorite basic clothes or mix with classic accessories.

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