Sweater dress is one of our favorite autumn-winter trends. This knitted dress combines beautility, femininity and comfort. You will feel warm, comfortable and have the opportunity to demonstrate all the advantages of your figure even in winter.

Today, there is a great variety of styles of sweater dresses, textures and colors. You may always find something to your taste and figure type, so, this type of dress is a must have of cold season.

Short sweater dress. There is a big range of short sweater dress models. They look like elongated sweaters, so these dresses may be worn not only with knee-high socks, tights and tall boots, but also with skinny pants and leggings. Not to break the proportions of your figure, we would advise you to follow the rule: the more oversized is a sweater dress, the shorter it should be. Open your legs and put on flat shoes. Such look is very cozy and ideal for long winter walks and visits to the country. In the city you can choose a knitted short dress of more elegant cut (such as slim fit dress) and interesting accessories: hats, bags and jewelry.

Sweater Dress: A Cozy Trend of the Cold Season 1

Another option – is an elongated sweater dress. It may be below the knee length, slim or simply straight. This dress looks especially stylish with low-heeled shoes and "brutal" boots. You may put on a classic black leather jacket or a short-cut jacket as outerwear. This look will be unusual and you will not have gone unnoticed, so be sure to take an interesting accessory – a peculiar bag or bracelet.

Sweater Dress: A Cozy Trend of the Cold Season 2

Sweater dress + knee-high boots. In order to make a city look and, perhaps, even a festive one, complete the outfit with knee-high boots or, at least, with knee-high socks. It looks very feminine and beautiful. Attenuate the outfit with bright accessories: unusual belts, large necklaces, bags - all these look great with this outfit.

Sweater dress + outerwear. It’s easy enough to choose outerwear for knitted dresses. The main thing here is to follow the proportions, as for the rest, leather jackets, coats, parks, and even down coats (especially in cold days) is a good match. You can match elongated dresses with short leather jackets or down jackets. For short sweater dresses, be sure that your outerwear is short enough to open the bottom of the dress or long enough to avoid the effect that you are dressed just in tights and jacket.

To summarize, we can say that sweater dress is a must-have in any lady’s wardrobe. It helps to be feminine and beautiful even in cold weather, and takes care of your health at the same time. Sweater dresses are very "friendly" with different accessories, and sometimes, they are even required to avoid the "country look." Knitted dresses can be casual clothing for city pastime or leisure activities, but at the same time right texture, style and accessories can transform it into the dress for informal event.

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