When pondering a question of ordering wholesale dresses for your clothing shop, you need to take into account several factors that can influence your business. Whether the influence is good or bad depends on your business decisions – cheap wholesale dresses in your stock list can boost your sales, but they can also turn into everlasting stock balance yielding nothing, but losses. Here are some things to consider prior to ordering. 

Know Your Target Audience

Who are your customers? Do you sell clothes for younger or older females, for career women or housewives? Obviously, you will need more trendy dresses for young girls and more plus sizes, if you are focused on ladies with ample curves. You may offer cheap casual dresses for a broad audience or find your niche, selling more formal attire to business ladies or small-size dresses for petite women. They all need casual dresses, but they all need different dresses, so your search for styles and lines will proceed from this point.

Keep Within Your Space

It’s a very tempting idea to have more styles, attracting customers with a wide choice of dresses. However, you should think not only about your investment, but also about you shop space. It is no good to staff your space with dresses, while your customers won’t be able to get a good view of the assortment – in-store display is important, remember? Too many dresses make a choice difficult and the embarrassment of riches often prevents customers from making a purchase. If you have a small shop start from 5 dress styles, each presented in different colors and sizes, and then go to 10-12 styles, the dresses sell well.

Find Your Perfect Supplier

You can choose certain brands, if there are specific lines you’d like to carry, or you can shop for casual dresses from a multibrand wholesaler. Whichever you choose, give preference to a supplier buying directly from a manufacturer – this will provide your shop with cheap casual dresses. However, search for the best value for money depending on your shop’s specialization, since when your business is focused on upscale market, the quality is vital. Also, pay attention to:

  • suppliers’ reliability (you can search for reviews)
  • order processing and delivery speed
  • warehouses location
  • return policy
  • payment options
  • availability of customer support service
  • how often the assortment is replenished
  • range of sizes
  • extensiveness of product lines

Make sure to follow the recommendations, and good luck with developing your business! And remember - Smcfashion.com will help you in any way!

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