Winter Festive Look: Be a Party Star! 1

Frosty night is outside the window, and Christmas mood makes us feel so special and eager for fun! Of course, during the holidays we should have fun and dance with friends. But what should we wear to feel equally comfortable on the street and in a stuffy room? In this post we will offer a few advices on winter party dressing.

First of all, you should accentuate your femininity, sensuality and sophistication! And dress is No.1 option in this situation. It’s time to draw attention to mini and midi models, made of any fabric and decorated with tucks and flounces, lace, embroideries and bright prints. Don’t be shy: sequins, Swarovski crystals and beaded patterns will make your dress even more shiny and attractive.

Do you want to stress your slim legs and express sexuality? Then you may put on trendy leggings: classic black, gray or brown with a matching tunic or elongated bright blouse. Very impressive look can be created with jeggings, which have recently come into fashion. It is an attractive outfit, which is also very comfortable for dancing.

If we went to talk about comfort, you should remember about pants. Today, super slim stretch pants models and skinny jeans are very popular. They show all pluses of your body. The only thing you’ll need is to match the bottom with the top. Here you have a great choice: chiffon blouses, large floral print tops, bright knit tops, long sleeves with shiny embroidery, thin sweaters with ¾ sleeves, oversize shirts with provocative slogans and pictures, etc. Moreover, one shoulder tops of different colors also look good with slim pants. As an alternative to stretch-pants you can choose straight or trapezoidal midi skirt.

As outerwear for a cold winter evening you may use sheepskin or fur vest. If you put on a blouse made of light fabric, it is also worth thinking about classic jacket, pullover or cardigan, which you may take off in a hot room.

To make you look complete, you should always remember about the little things. Therefore, you should pay special attention to stylish accessories. They will help unite the chosen items in a visually complete look.

Shoes are also one of the most attractive and functional details in any look. They can make legs leaner and longer, as well as catch eyes of others with shiny buckles, fasteners, embroidery or unusual heel. In winter, the best choice is ankle boots, boots with fur trimming, high tight fit boots. Boots or pumps should match the main color of the dress or one of the colors of accessories. Classic black, gold or silver shoes may be put on almost with any look.

For a party we recommend a clutch or other small bag models. Selection of the color of accessory is the same.

You should also pick up chick jewelry. It could be a metal bracelet, long earrings or a necklace with stones. It is important to pick up accessories taking into account your clothing style: dress neckline, sleeve length, and cut. And keep in mind that a bulky necklace, earrings and bracelet all together, or 3 things in different colors is a poor taste. Your look should be harmonious. So, lovers of large accessories should better wear one most catchy and appropriate item.

Anyway, it’s party, so do not be afraid to be bold in your look. You may try to create a completely new image or try an unusual combination of clothes. The main thing is to accentuate your curves. Try our tips and result will not take long to wait: admiring glances will be focused only on you.

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