Top 7 Summer Dress Styles

With summer coming, it is high time to replenish supplies with fancy dresses, which will be much sought after this year. Let’s see what styles will sell like hot cakes based on leading fashion magazines’ overviews.

Glamorous Sequins and Glitter

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According to Elle Trend’18 report, fashion designers are striving for glamour this year, and so they want sparking cocktail dresses back on catwalks and streets. Naturally, every decent sharp dresser will hunt for a glittering evening gown – dresses decorated with sequins, beads, crystals and all kind of sparkles are among the most-coveted wholesale summer dresses.

Long and Transparent

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Thanks to Valentino, Christian Dior, Gucci and many other fashion houses, sheer dressing is on trend this year. They offer plenty of styles for long transparent skirts, from multi-layered and puffyto straight and simple. Certainly, airy wholesale dresses made of tulle, lace and net will be hot for the summer.

Cut It Short

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Harper’s Bazaar predicts a high demand for both crop tops and bra tops this summer. According to the magazine, the hottest way to wear them is a combination with high-waisted skirts – probably, high-waist serves to add an intriguing touch and to balance the revealing top.

Bold Stripes

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When looking for a cheap casual dress, be sure to search for a striped option. From Zara to Topshop, fashion brands are crazy about bold and bright stripes – horizontal, vertical, diagonal, narrow or wide. The only stipulation is a colorful scheme, which creates a great summer mood and catches the eye.

Cutaway Shoulders

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Off-shoulder style for casual summer dresses? Bang on! This is an awesome idea for hot summer days and the style has been staying in vogue for a couple of seasons. Also, pay attention to the one-shouldered silhouette, which is on rise at the moment.

Vibrant Shades

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While ice-cream pastels are still hot, bold colors go on the attack. From sunny yellows to passionate reds, bright shades are welcomed on catwalks throughout the world. Why not stock up on jazzy casual dresses, which are sure to ring the bell with girls of fashion?

Ruffles Rule

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We all love ruffles for this feminine look they add to any garment, whether they decorate tops or skirts. This summer ruffles are in wear again, and some of fashion brands like Alexander McQueen or Givenchy prefer to have them decorating dresses from the top to the very bottom. It’s a nice idea for casual summer dressers, making them look stylish and eye-catching.

August 24, 2018 by SMC Fashion

How to Boost Sales at the Women’s Summer Dresses Store

As the clothing stores are gearing towards a busy summer season, store owners are concerned with boosting their sales. Running a clothes store, particularly a women’s clothing one, is a lucrative business but the market is fiercely competitive. This means that new techniques are always much called for to keep the revenue high and stand out from thousands of similar clothing merchants.

Wholesale summer dress segment is definitely one of the most promising at this time of the year. Here are a few effective tips that will come in handy if you’re looking for ways to boost your summer dresses sales.  

Review your offering

Summer is not the time to sell off last season’s leftovers. It pays off to supply collections of beautiful trendy summer dresses to your store and market them heavily. Women are going to need a lot of dresses but they are not looking for uniformity. What you need to have is a diverse portfolio that would address their varying needs.


For example, the trending summer dresses right now are sheath shape summer dresses, off-shoulder evening dresses and floral summer dresses

Invest in new mannequins

Stylish mannequins can transform your store and showcase your beautiful summer dresses like nothing else. The world of retail has long ago moved to sleek, eye-catching models that do a great job of advertising clothes.

Go social

Women apparel industry is amongst the luckiest businesses to benefit from endless opportunities social media delivers. First of all, this industry relies on imagery heavily, and social media is a perfect place to promote your latest wholesale summer dress collections.

Not only can you promote an unlimited number of items in your store, you can do so for free just by posting updates to your social profiles. If you want to see a higher ROI from your social media marketing efforts, you might want to run social ads. This will help you reach a specific audience of women who you see as your perfect customers.

Offer discounts

The competition in the apparel industry is tough, both in terms of product line and pricing. Unless you offer exclusive items, you need to introduce attractive sales system in order to get a constant influx of customers. Discounts may sound like an obvious thing to do but have you ever seen a better way to convert hesitant onlookers into customers? Women who need several summer dresses appreciate the opportunity to buy quality clothes at an affordable price. 


Good luck with your sales this summer season!

August 24, 2018 by SMC Fashion

A Brief Introduction to Building a Brand

Today we are going to talk about brand building process. It’s an important pillar of a successful business as it helps you reach out to your customer. Competition is getting more aggressive, and people are not just looking for a product or a service. They want a unique story behind a company that’s appealing – a way to connect on an emotional level. This is where your brand comes in. Here are the basic steps to build one.


Find your target audience. Obviously, you cannot supply everything to everyone, especially if you are starting small. So try to narrow it down a little. Who will most likely buy your product? Guys, gals or both? Which age group? Education and income level? Any particular interest group? When you find the right one, you are one step closer to your market niche.


Do some homework. Now let’s move on to your competitors. Look at both ‘big whales’ and those of your own size. What is the quality level, how they market their products? What sort of value do they offer? Can you somehow outperform them and offer something that’s even more enticing?


Analyze, look for opportunities. Delve into what you learned from your research. How can you compete without a huge budget and an army of market specialists? You need to engineer the reason for people to choose your brand over your rivals, so focus on qualities and benefits that make your brand stand out. Find those opportunities and use them to your best advantage.


Define your mission statement. Why does your brand exist? What your company is most passionate about? Try finding the right answers and then channel them into your mission statement. Remember, it’s the gist of your brand’s philosophy, a reflection of your company’s core values.


Create brand logo. Entrust a team of pros with this task. That way you can be sure the logo is unique and properly represents your company and its values. You may also want brand guidelines that include color palette, fonts, iconography, etc., and define logo placement, style of photography and other important aspects. Oh, and don’t forget about tagline.


Devise your brand’s communication. Your brand will have to learn to voice all those competitive advantages to your potential customers. This means you need a clear communication strategy. It will guide the interaction process using the right business tone and the most potent tools.


Fully integrate your brand. Simply put, your brand should be everywhere. Products, packaging, business cards, visuals, advertising and everything else should feature your logo. Follow the brand guidelines to do it harmoniously.


Be consistent. Avoid deviations from your main course, especially those contradicting your brand’s philosophy. Your customers may not like such ‘shocks’. If, at some point, you decide that a certain serious change is a must, perhaps it is time to consider rebranding. We will cover this topic in one of our forthcoming articles.


Advocate your brand. Since you and your employees know your business the best, it is up to your team to promote it in the most effective ways. Use the power of the word, let more people know that you are out there and can offer something they would definitely like.

August 24, 2018 by SMC Fashion

Useful Tips for Dealing with Angry Customers


Good customer experience is important for a successful business. Sooner or later you find yourself in a situation when you have to deal with a rude or angry customer. At times, this isn’t easy, but there are ways to resolve such matters. Here are some tips that could help you out.

 Let the customer vent. All that anger and frustration needs to be released, so do not interfere. You can start being constructive only after he/she is done.

 Remain calm. There is no point in further escalating the hostilities, so maintain control of yourself. After all, the customer is always right.

 Do not take it personally. Keep in mind, that the customer is dissatisfied with the product or the quality of service. Put the negativity aside, focus on the problem and work towards a solution.

 Be a good listener. Patiently hear the customer out. Pay close attention to details. Ask the right questions to better understand the problem.

 Interject the customer’s name into conversation. This gives an impression you had known the customer for quite some time. And it’s a lot less formal than “sir” or “ma’am.”

 Use the power of a smile. When you smile, your voice conveys friendliness. Sometimes you may have to fake that smile, but it’s a must nonetheless.

 Know your audience. Try to figure out how to connect with the customer. Some would prefer to get straight to the solution, others may want to learn more about the reasons behind the problem. Interpret those small hints the customer is giving you and adjust the conversation accordingly.

 Sympathize and apologize. The customer wants to know you understand how he/she feels. Apologize sincerely for an unpleasant customer experience.

 Offer a viable solution. Once you understand the problem, it’s time for a solution. You can try asking the customer what he/she feels should be done. Or come up with several options, e.g. replacement or refund. Good alternatives often help defuse the trickiest situations.

 After dealing with an angry customer, take a moment to review your performance. Analyze, learn your lesson and find room for improvement. Next time you’ll do even better!


August 24, 2018 by SMC Fashion

Opening an Online Clothing Rental Business: Q&A

Most people have clothes they wore only once, e.g. prom dress, ball gown or a wedding dress. The saddest thing is that these garments probably cost them a lot. Wouldn’t it be nice to put them to good use and make some money? How about a clothing rental business? Can’t afford the rent and other expenses? Well, how about an online clothing rental? You can start small and the risks aren’t that bad. Still not sure? Perhaps we could help you change your mind.

Start-up capital? You don’t need a great deal of money to start this type of business. You can operate from the convenience of your home and save on the rent. And if your wardrobe already has quite a number of items you could use for your business, you save even more.

How about the niche? Your primary focus should be on high school or college age women.

What skills may come in handy? Basic or advanced computer skills, inventory management, communication. Minor sewing skills wouldn’t hurt either.

What about the website? You don’t need a highly sophisticated and expensive website. There are so many ready-to-use templates and platforms out there. You could have your site up and running in no time. And your expenses would be minimal, especially if you’re tech savvy or have a friend who could help you out.

Marketing and advertising? No biggie! There are ways to do most of it for free. Spread the word through your friends and neighbors, use social media, start a fashion blog. You could also use some sort of a referral program and/or offer a discount for customer reviews.

What sort of agreements/arrangements will I need? Do some research of clothing suppliers, including wholesalers; negotiate mutually beneficial terms. Renting clothes means minor wear-and-tear, so you need an arrangement with a local dry cleaning service and a tailor, preferably with good discounts. Orders outside your local area will require reliable shipping.

Are there any additional ways of saving money? Yes, if you’re good at negotiating. Wholesale discounts, purchasing the items over time as they are rented. If you learn basic sewing skills, you could make minor repairs yourself. It may be a good idea to buy used garment racks and fixtures.

Anything else? Establish a clear policy on what condition the items must be returned in. Get security deposits on the items. Consider renting both clothes and accessories.

Good luck with your business! And if you’re already looking for a reliable wholesale supplier, is always there for you.

August 24, 2018 by SMC Fashion

A Glimpse of 2018 Fashion Shop Trends

Fashion trends keep changing. They thrill, they never cease to amaze. This year, they are hotter than ever. We tried to summarize the top trends for 2018 that may help you navigate through the exciting world of evening gowns and party dresses with confidence.

Metal Intensity: Glittering tones of bronze, burgundy, gold, navy and silver. Modern and elegant, metallic shades were a success on the red carpet. Excellent choice for 2018.

Posh Pastels: A multitude of enticing ice-creamy shades. Soft pastels continue to trend. Try lilac, mint or pale blue.

Timeless Velvet: So soft and elegant. A fusion of old and new destined to become a modern classic.

Take the Plunge: The open back is an exciting and stylish way of showing off some beauty. At the same time, these dresses are quite conservative.

Major Bling: Another popular trend in 2018 embraced by many designers. Sequins and crystals join efforts to give you fantastic dresses that make you stand out from the crowd.

Criss-Cross: Eye-catching cutouts and criss-crossing straps brighten up a simple silhouette. A great combination of rather simplistic design and original structuring. Side cutouts and panels are a fine addition to almost any dress style.

Ball Mood: The big pouffy dresses are back in the game. They made their way from runways and red carpet to the prom. And they look absolutely stunning.


August 24, 2018 by SMC Fashion

Some Important Aspects of Nurturing Your Fashion Brand Profitably

There are countless fashion brands out there, and the competition is merciless. You worked so hard to launch your pilot collection. But this is just the first step towards growth. Sustainability will require serious commitment and discipline. There is no doubt you want your business to be a successful one. So here are some aspects you may want to bear in mind.

Focus on your core audience. You do not decide what sells, customers do. Know your audience well. Persona mapping – a potent marketing tool – can help you learn who your target audience is and what they are expecting from your products.


Keep an eye on trends. They keep changing. What’s hot now may not be when your new collection hits the market. You need good understanding of factors shaping today’s fashion. How long will the current trends last? Hence, some careful planning is in order.


Control your costs. Your creativity may know no bounds, but it’s the customer who will be paying for your designs. So both the product and its price should be attractive. This means that you need to control and balance the costs. Ensure adequate quality and don’t forget about profit.


Market your product well. Only then your collection will sell. Allocate resources wisely so that you have a decent mix of tools. Combine in-store and social media marketing, spread the word through friends and satisfied customers.


Monitor sales and other business processes. Keep track of inventory. Your accuracy will help avoid mistakes. If you sell online, make sure you can fulfil all those orders. Properly handle the returns. If you make mistakes, analyze what went wrong. Learn, optimize, evolve.


Use the power of communication. Maintain good relations with your suppliers. Make sure that doing business with you is a pleasure. This will translate into quality, timeliness and reliability. Keep in touch with your customers. Collect feedback, find ways to reward loyalty, and work towards great customer experience.

Our team at wishes you every success in your business!

How-To: Boosting Sales in a Clothing Store

How-To: Boosting Sales in a Clothing Store

Running an apparel store seems like quite a promising business. People need to buy clothes, and they do it all the time, no matter what season it is. Yes, online shopping keeps gaining popularity and making competition tougher. Yet many people still prefer the old-school way. They like to try on clothes to see how they fit and look. But to they need your store? Probably not. So it is your job to create demand and make people feel this is the best place to get good quality items at reasonable prices. Our team at has some tips for you that can help increase sales.

  1. Critically review the store design and ergonomics. Use labels and signs to aid with navigating through the store. Everything should be easy-to-find, so organize those sections well. For example, do not put men’s shirts right next to items for kids.
  2. “Employ” some mannequins. Dress them in the clothes you want your customers to focus on. If, say, you want to push outerwear from the new collection, a properly placed well-dressed mannequin will draw people’s attention.
  3. Organize a sale. They not only attract people but also encourage them to buy. You can go beyond the common 10 percent off and offer a deal that’s even more tempting.
  4. Provide high quality customer service. Design and implement customer-centered policies that create a friendly environment and make people want to return to your store.
  5. Let people know about your shop. Launch a marketing campaign. Use various advertising means such as fliers, banners and business cards. Improve your online presence, go social.
  6. Make sure the prices are affordable. Study your competitors then assess and adjust your prices. Consider alternative suppliers and explore ways to optimize supply chains.

We hope these tips are useful. Best of luck with your business!

August 24, 2018 by SMC Fashion

Ami’s ‘Menswear for Women’

(Photo taken from

Ami will be launching a line for women inspired by menswear at its Autumn/Winter 2018 show. The line will include some 70-80 pieces.

“I created Ami with this idea of designing clothes for my friends, who are both male and female, so I’ve really always pictured my pieces on both,” says Alexandre Mattiussi, founder of Ami. He previously worked at Dior Homme, Marc Jacobs and Givenchy focusing on menswear design. In 2011 he architected Ami. This new line – “a natural evolution of the Ami story” – is his way of including women in his creative work.

Since the brand’s debut collection in 2014, female models in smaller-sized menswear joined male ones. Amy managed to attract quite a number of loyal female followers. Its famous clientele includes model Caroline de Maigret, singer Héloïse Letissier and actress Charlotte le Bon.

Ami recently launched its first capsule collection for women – inspired by menswear styles – via 24 Sèvres e-commerce platform. Although the brand remains focused on menswear, some steps are made towards a firmer womenswear presence. “Ami is a brand for men, not unisex or for women,” says Nicolas Santi-Weil, Ami’s chief executive, “But from very early on, we started to see women coming to the store and starting to buy the brand.”

Ami’s turnover keeps increasing. Last year, women accounted for 35-40% of all sales (nearly 50% in Korea). Currently, Ami has 6 boutiques in Paris, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong plus over 300 points of sale across the globe. The “menswear for women” line, however, will be available exclusively in its Rue de Grenelle boutique. This is a deliberate distribution strategy that will help understand how clients respond to the product. “It’s just the beginning,” says Mattiussi.


August 24, 2018 by SMC Fashion

#MakeOurPlanetGreatAgain: How Trump Affects The Fashion Industry

On June 2, Donald Trump declared his intention to drop out of the Paris climate agreement aimed at reduction of carbon emissions. This decision was shock for those who fight for the environment as the United States is the global 1st pollutant of the atmosphere with CO2. And if this is left uncontrolled, sea levels and temperature will rise and result in irreversible effects.

US leading businessmen in every industry, from Robert Iger to Elon Musk, have impressed their negative position to the Trump's decision.

Is this decision important for the fashion industry? Of course, it is. Fashion's CO2 emissions are one of the biggest; according to recent reports, they will have increased to 2.8 billion tons per year by 2030. And, apparently, with no government support of the fight against climate change, there will be less drive for companies to continue switching to non-polluting technologies and no punishment for those which fail to achieve the sustainability in their production.

Nevertheless, there are still towards many factors that make American brands to establish sustainable production. For example, big corporations have no other way than complying with other countries' standards. Moreover, governments at state and municipal levels claim to promote climate legislation. One more fact is that modern shoppers tend to support fashion brands that takes care about environment.
Many companies see Trump's decision as a call to go further with their climate strategies and stay committed to sustainable future.
Gap's representative said the company would work on reducing in their greenhouses gas emissions and cooperation with suppliers to adopt more sustainable production process.

Nike is going to proceed with the US Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge and the American Business Act on Climate Change Pledge in order to achieve 100% renewable energy in all its facilities by 2025. The company is sure that the climate issue is the global problem that shouldn't be neglected, and if the world wants to prosper, it has to take challenges to build a low-carbon economy.

Despite the fact that without government support it would be harder to the industry to succeed in its will to make a contribution to reduce the climate changes, it's time for industries and companies to act together and help the planet.

With Trump or without him, the global community will continue to promote the sustainable development. And if a company wants to succeed in 10 years, it has to put its efforts to the environment protection now.