While summer is drawing on, clothing shops are providing themselves with wholesale summer dresses to cater to the needs of their customers. However, the real trend-setters are fashion designers, so let’s have a look at catwalks to find out which dress styles will be in demand with the customers.

Patchwork Style

It seems like fashion designers have started a kind of game competing in the most sophisticated combinations of prints and patterns. They blend in various pattern and color panels to deliver a patchwork style and a vibrant look – sometimes their dresses are built from four and more blocks of contrasting or completing textiles. Wow!

Floral Motif

There is nothing like cheap casual dresses blooming in flowers to be fit for this summer. We adore floral motifs for this feminine touch they add to our everyday look. However, the pattern can be often found in cocktail dress designs painting them in glaring and striking colors. While tropical patterns fall completely out of favor, floral prints are on rise, both bright and pastel, large and micro.   

Checked Pattern

Though usually associated with autumn and winter dresses, check captivated catwalks, while being offered in various designs from black and white versions to multicolored options. Indeed, this plaided style looks rather intriguing when embodied in light and even transparent materials – the contrast strikes the eye and is perfect for a casual summer dress.  

Baby Doll Style

It is one of the favorite styles among young girls, who want to get this world-famous Lolita-like look. Probably, fashion designers like the look too, since baby doll dresses are all the rage this summer. Choose wholesale dresses featuring well-above knee length and made of lace or satin to deliver the desired romantic, yet tempting touch.

Polka Dot Pattern

Do you really think that this pattern is out of fashion and completely forgotten? Nope, this is a must for the current season, and the recent royal wedding with the stars wearing polka dots dresses serves as clear evidence. Hot wholesale summer dress can have black, white or multicolored dots, while they can be small or large – the key is to have a dotted dress in your stock.

Loose Sleeves

The freedom of movement and lightness are among main trends of the 2018 summer season reflected in silhouettes, fabrics and details of clothing. So, it is kind of expected that loose sleeve become one of the trendy options. Both multi-layered and flare style sleeves work fine for fancy summer dresses. 

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