According to research on a global apparel industry, the United States market is expected to grow up to $385 billion in 2025 even despite the current world depression. This is great news, especially for those retailers, who are engaged in the sales of womenswear, since the sector accounts for 50 percent of the demand. However, there is a decline in off-line sales driven by both the economic meltdown and the increased competition with online stores. Is focusing on wholesale casual dresses a way out for a brick-and-mortar clothing shops?

First, according to a study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group on over 1,600 publicly traded companies, top companies among those engaged in fashion and luxury performed well due to its moving towards more casual wear as opposed to high-end fashion. Though there is still stiff competition between sportswear and casual clothes markets, millennials obviously prefer comfort over fashion, and the report predicts that the shift to casual wear is going to continue over the next several years. The new generation is not inclined to spend money on expensive clothes, giving preference to things like wellness or travelling. From this perspective, cheap casual dresses seem to be more attractive for doing business compared to formal, luxury and niche clothing.

In addition to the fact that nowadays people have no need to express themselves through buying pricey clothes, they are also not required to stick to a dress code anymore. Black-tie times are long gone, and according to the Society for Human Resource Management, in 2017 almost half of US employers allow casual dress every day, with their number growing from year to year. With such a trend, we can expect that more and more customers will need informal attire for both office and off hours.  

But why dresses? Well, do you know what are the most popular products among Fashion Apparel and Fabrics according to inquiries on Global Sources Online? Shift dresses, evening dresses, sheath dresses and cocktail dresses are in the top twenty products, while only jeans excel dresses in popularity based on keyword searches. Now, do you understand? Dresses will never go out of style, and with the growing demand for informal office clothing ordering casual wholesale dresses is sure to boost your sales!

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